Scott Dylan, Family Fund Honiton’s Beehive in Memory of Wendy Woodcombe

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on community centres up and down the UK, which have been forced to close doors on vast numbers of community events and celebrations. Amongst these community centres, Honiton’s Beehive lacked the funding to reopen and continue to provide its much-needed hub for East Devon’s community. However, following the passing of community-loved Wendy Woodcombe, her nephew Scott Dylan and family donated substantial funds to secure financial backing for the Beehive’s future.

Scott, the founder of capital investment firm Fresh Thinking Group, felt it important that the family preserve Wendy’s memory at the Beehive as she had such an impact on her local community. Together with his mother Mandy and brother Darryl, Scott made a generous donation to the Beehive in memory of his aunt. Not only has the funding enabled the community centre to re-open, but the charity has also unveiled a memorial plaque in the Beehive and a nearby bench in the Glen (a Victorian winter garden) to celebrate Wendy’s life.

Unveiling the Commemorative Plaque and Bench

Last month, the Beehive unveiled the commemorative plaque and bench to remember Wendy’s much-respected impact on the community. Many community members came to the park to share their memories of Wendy during the bench’s installation and even donated to become a part of the charitable mission in Wendy’s name.

‘We are just so very grateful to Daryl, Mandy, and Scott, that in order to commemorate Wendy, they have been so kind to help The Beehive and the charity,’ says Serena Sexton, Chair of Honiton Community Complex. ‘Without their help, this community centre would not survive and that is the truth of it.’

‘Our aunt, Wendy Woolcombe, who died suddenly in the Glen in 2018, loved her community,’ add Scott and Daryl. ‘The community were amazing when we came up with the idea of having a bench for her placed in the Glen. It showed how much she was truly loved. Equally, we love and believe in the community as a family and want to support all the hard work that Serena and her team do here at The Beehive. So, in memory of our aunt, we’ve happily come forward to support The Beehive and to enable it to have a future.’

‘She had become a loving, caring, passionate person; always there to help others and I truly believe she never knew how much people loved and cared about her in Honiton,’ says Mandy. ‘She made such a difference to me and my family who will miss her so much, but also to her friends who gave her a reason to carry on.’

Thanks to the generous donation, the Beehive has now re-opened on a COVID-protected basis.

About The Beehive

Scott Dylan and Family Donation

The Beehive is an award-winning community and arts venue in Honiton, East Devon. Since opening in 2014, the Beehive has welcomed circa 60,000 people through its doors to mingle with a vast selection of over 80 community organisations and special interest groups. Before the pandemic, thousands of locals gathered to enjoy the Beehive’s extensive programme of events, which included community activities, workshops, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. The funding from Scott Dylan and his family will enable Honiton’s residents to access their local community hub once again, as soon as the government eases lockdown measures.

About Scott Dylan

Scott Dylan is a specialist private equity and distressed M&A investor and founder of Fresh Thinking Group (FTG). With extensive expertise in technology, investments, and entrepreneurship, Scott is well-positioned to support FTG’s acquisitions through carefully plotted business development plans to achieve ultimate growth and return on investment. Scott also manages an in-depth blog designed to help employers and employees promote the importance of mental health in the workplace. His invaluable tips have helped many entrepreneurs and corporate team members to cope with the high-pressure demands of a corporate lifestyle during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Fresh Thinking Group is an independent capital investment organisation in Manchester that operates throughout Europe in a range of sectors, spanning from e-commerce, technology, and digital markets to the expansive logistics sector. The group offers capital injections and business support for three categories of businesses: healthy firms looking to grow, distressed companies in need of financial backing, and start-ups looking to make their mark. Fresh Thinking Group enables sector-specific to develop their business operations through collaboration with other like-minded companies and high-level, tailored business guidance from a selection of experienced business mentors. FTG also funds various groups, including Inc & Co, Inc & Co Property, and Orb. Each of these groups holds additional subsidiaries. FTG has offices in London, Leeds, and Manchester.

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