How to Reframe What Work Means to You

Reframing Work

Studies have found that more than 85% of people around the world hate their jobs but have we ever stopped & thought to ask why? What is it about the structure of the workday that we just despise so much & is there any way we can change this for the better? Well, as usual, the foremost authority on this subject, Jordan Sudberg, is here to shine some light on this issue & talk about just what it is that makes people hate their jobs & how this can be changed. He recently sat down for an interview & this is what he had to say on the topic of work. So, the first thing he found is that most people hate their jobs due to the fact that they don’t pay well enough & so he recommends doing good work in an effort to get noticed. This will make them much more inclined to say yes when they ask for a raise at some point down the line. If it later comes out that they do not have the money for a new raise, this is a sign that it may be time to look for work elsewhere as pay is one of the most important ways to make ends meet. Another reason he found that people hate their jobs is because they have a boss who is a jerk to them & the other people on staff. If that’s the case, he recommends trying to find a new job as it is not easy to get people to change on their own. If they are able to do that, it’s a good thing for the company but this is something that is quite rare in the corporate world. One of the other reasons is that there is a bad work life balance for the workers. Now if this does tend to be the case, he recommends asking the boss to cut back on their hours so they can spend a bit more time with the family. If the boss refuses, it might be time to look for a job that has a better work life balance. One other reason people tend to dislike their jobs is the fact that there is no job security. One of the ways to circumvent this is by getting a job in academia as they do tend to provide tenure. Of course, this is not always feasible so the best advice he can give is just trying to find a company that treats its workers right as this usually means they won’t fire anyone unnecessarily. Finally, people just aren’t able to find jobs in the field they’re actually passionate about. So, he advises working there until such time as they can get a job more aligned with what they wanted to do in the first place. Once that’s secured, Jordan Sudberg says they will be much happier down the line. So, these are his tips on how to reframe your work experience according to Jordan Sudberg.