What is a Holistic Nurse

Conventional or traditional medicine is based on modern science. It includes treatments like drugs, surgery, radiation, and other conventional methods, and it takes a generalized approach instead of an individual approach. A holistic nurse does not practice traditional methods. (1) 

Nurses who work in holistic medicine treat the whole person with alternative approaches. A traditional approach is treating a specific problem. A holistic approach is treating the entire person or considering the whole person. Therefore, these nurses do their jobs by treating their patients as whole persons. 

How fast is holistic medicine growing?

The holistic care business is growing and growing in America. As early as 2011, 40 percent of American adults and 12 percent of American children have used alternative medicine in some form. (2) Various medical professionals practice holistic approaches. In the United States, there are approximately 5,500 holistic nurses, according to the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA). (3)

What is holistic nursing?

Holistic nursing is an interdisciplinary practice based on the concept of holism- the idea that wholeness is essential for health. It is an approach to healing that includes a patient’s mind, body, emotions, and spirit as separate yet interconnected parts of the same whole. Such nurses care for their patient’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being. In other words, they treat the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

Nurses in the holistic profession are health professionals who have a deep understanding of human life and are dedicated to bringing joy and happiness to their patients. Therefore, such a nurse attends to their mental health as well as the mental health of their patients. 

Why do people like holistic approaches?

Holistic nursing has become more popular because people are becoming more health-conscious and seeking new ways to treat illness. This is due to increased awareness of alternative medicine and healthy living trends, as well as increased technological advances making such treatments possible. Holistic approaches have taken off in certain states, such as California and Colorado.

To become such a nurse, you need to complete the education to become a registered nurse in your state and obtain a holistic nurse certification. They can work in hospitals, long-term care, private practice, academic settings, etc. Therefore, if you are a registered nurse, you can become a holistic one because it branches off of standard nursing.

The holistic approach promotes self-awareness, inner peace, and mental strength. Such a nurse will suggest mindfulness-based practices such as yoga and meditation to achieve mental wellness. He will also help his patients with their nutritional needs by suggesting healthy food choices. In addition, she will listen to her patient’s problems and offer them advice or refer them to a specialist for further assistance. (4)

Nurses in the holistic profession make use of alternative medicine in their practices. They may use homeopathy, naturopathy, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other traditional methods. Some of these nurses practice traditional medicine, too; they use antibiotics and other modern treatments when necessary. In addition, they can refer patients to alternative specialists when necessary. To become such a nurse, you must be well-versed in many healthcare philosophies, practices, and modalities.

Holistic nurses must be willing and able to work with a wide variety of patients. They must be open-minded to all cultures to better understand their patients’ needs. In addition, they must be willing to take time off from their practice to meditate or attend yoga classes so that they can develop inner peace themselves. Ultimately, a holistic nurse wants his patients to enjoy life here on Earth and hereafter.

The unique aspect of holistic nursing is that nurses are expected to care for their minds, body, and spirit. This includes self-care, reflection and spirituality, and self-responsibility. Why? Because with such nurses, the nurse’s health affects the patient’s health. One who takes care of themselves is better rested and more emotionally available to patients. You wouldn’t want to be such a nurse who only sleeps three hours a day, eats junk food, and smokes cigarettes. You must practice what you preach.  

Patients seek out nurses in the holistic profession when they have an injury, chronic ailment, or are facing a terminal disease. Doctors who practice holistic medicine often specialize in it through additional education or additional certifications.
A holistic approach can improve many aspects of life for people who believe in it. However, this approach only solves some problems and may only sometimes work as planned. A traditional approach to a medical problem may be more suitable than a holistic approach.  Ultimately, it’s up to the patient to determine which way he or she wants to go. Nonetheless, it is an interesting way to view the world; it helps us become stronger individuals with a better focus on our personal goals. One should visit a holistic nurse to experience an alternative and practical medical approach. Check out The Nurse Coach Collective for more information.

Use Us To Get Your Holistic Nurse Certification

Have you decided to take the next step in your career to become a holistic nurse? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Many nurses are looking for ways to reignite their passion for helping others and a better way to avoid the long and grueling hours associated with traditional nursing. Getting your holistic nurse certification could be your ticket to improving your life and helping others more at the same time. We made it as easy as possible for Registered Nurses to enroll in our program to obtain a holistic nurse certification. Becoming a holistic nurse or nurse coach isn’t out of reach. Wondering why to go with our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program? 

Some Of The Reasons To Choose Us To Get Your Holistic Nurse Certification:

We Were In Your Position

When you go through our program, you will notice from the start that it was designed with you in mind. After all, we were once in your position. It’s what inspired us to create the program in the first place. If you want to go through a program that was effectively designed with you in mind, this is the program for you. We are nurses ourselves. We designed the program specifically for nurses looking to take the next step in their careers. If you’ve wanted to become a nurse health coach, getting your holistic nurse certification through our program is the best way to do it. 

We Are Nurse Coaches Ourselves

Another reason you want to consider enrolling in our program has to do with us being nurse coaches. Because we are nurse coaches ourselves, you don’t have to worry about getting advice from people that don’t know what they are talking about. Instead, you will be getting instruction and resources from people that run successful nurse coaching practices. If it’s your goal to become a nurse coach and to start a practice, you’ll get to learn from those doing it. 

You Get Board Certified

When you are looking to get into holistic nursing or become a nurse coach, you will want to give your clients as much assurance as possible. The best way to deliver them the assurance they need to be confident in your services is by getting certified. While it’s not necessary to become a health coach, it is going to give your clients the peace of mind and assurance they need to trust you with your guidance. We made certain our program was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association [1]. Thus, you will get your 120 CNE contact hours when you go through the program. This means that by the end of going through the 7-month online program, you will get board certified to be a nurse health coach. 

It’s Streamlined

We have created our program to be the most streamlined way to get board certified and up and running with being a professional health coach. Throughout the years, we’ve revamped the program to ensure it’s the most optimized program to turn you into a board-certified health coach. The entire program will take you from start to finish learning about nurse coaching to understanding how to practice it. You will get expert guidance every step of the way too. The entire course is streamlined to ensure you get from point A to point B with as little friction as possible. 

You Get Access To A Thriving Community

One of the things we are so proud of within our program is how good of a community we’ve built. Over the years, we’ve helped many traditional nurses take the next step in their careers to become holistic nurses. We’ve proudly built up an amazing community of like-minded holistic nursing professionals that continue to help transform the healthcare industry for the better. When you join, you will get access to our growing and thriving community of nurse health coaches. They can answer questions you have and you can always ask questions to your dedicated instructor. The community aspect sets our program apart from any other program you will find out there.
Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we are looking to do our part in changing the healthcare industry for the better. We want to usher in a new era of nurse coaches with their holistic nurse certification. That way, clients can receive better and more comprehensive care. As a nurse coach, you have a lot more freedom by which you can operate. You can help clients improve their lifestyles, diet, and more. A nurse coach can branch out from taking a symptom management approach and start truly helping people. If you desire to become a nurse health coach and get into holistic nursing, you can contact one of our friendly professionals at The Nurse Coach Collective for your free consultation.

Enroll To Become A Nurse Health Coach

The nursing profession is one of the most demanding. It requires a lot of schooling, training, and sacrifice. The hours are long and the work is difficult. You need to be constantly running around on your feet tending to other people’s needs. There’s little time for yourself. Needless to say, it’s a career choice that requires a lot of passion and patience. Are you finding it difficult to maintain that level of passion you once had? Are you looking for a change? If so, it might be time to start looking at your options. Luckily, as a nurse, you will always be in demand. There is always a demand for nurses in various specialties. One of the specialties you might want to look into is nurse coaching. There are plenty of reasons to consider getting into becoming a nurse health coach

What Is A Nurse Health Coach? 

A nurse health coach is a nursing specialization where you would take a results-based approach with patients to help them reach their health goals. It’s a specialization and you can get certified by taking a credentialed certification program.

Why Get Into Nurse Health Coaching?

1. You Get To Work When You Want And How You Want

One of the things that are driving a lot of nurses away from the profession is the inability to work how you want and when you want. A nurse is typically forced to work long shifts with weird hours. This is something that can cause physical burnout. Along with this, they are forced to interact with patients according to the rules and regulations of the hospital or practice. When you are a nurse health coach, you don’t have these same rules that define how you can work. Instead, you run the show. You get to be in charge of how you interact with your patients. It gives you the chance to be your boss. This means that you can set your schedule to work with your schedule. This can free up time that you can spend with your loved ones. It can also ensure that you are getting a good work/life balance that you typically wouldn’t get as a traditional nurse. As a traditional nurse, you have limited control over your schedule. 

2. You Get To Make a Difference

This is a big one for anyone that is looking to get out of traditional nursing because they’ve lost their passion. It’s not that you lost your passion for helping others. It’s much more likely that you ended up losing your passion because you realized that you weren’t making as much of a difference as you wanted. As a nurse working in a hospital or elsewhere, you generally don’t get to choose how to care for your patients and you have no say in what’s to be done. Instead, you are forced to manage their symptoms and keep them moving. When you are in control over your practice, you get to make a difference in your patients’ lives. It’s a great way to get yourself in the center of things so you can actively help your patients truly get better. Not only that, but you get to break the mold of the traditional healthcare model. The health care system is broken. By becoming a holistic nurse, you get to change all of that. 

3. You Get To Learn More 

As a nurse, you need to be constantly learning. This is true whether you are a traditional nurse or a holistic nurse. When you step outside of traditional nursing, you will step into an unknown world where you get to learn even more. This will help you become a better nurse whether you decide to get into full-time holistic nursing or not. It’s also going to help you learn more about yourself. This can help you grow as a person and as a nurse. As a medical professional, you always want to stay learning. Becoming a board-certified nurse health coach is just another learning opportunity to make yourself better. 

4. Plenty Of Options

As a nurse coach, you will have plenty of options. You could always start your practice. This will allow you to be in complete control over your practice. However, you could also do other things. You could work in a hospital setting if that’s what you like. A lot of hospitals are looking towards nurse coaching to help their patients and reduce costs. You can also work in a clinic or elsewhere. There are a lot of options available once you get your board certification in professional nurse coaching. 

If you are a nurse that is sick of the modern system, it’s time for a change. You aren’t alone. When you join us at The Nurse Coach Collective, you are joining an entire community of nurses looking to change the system for the better!

The Role Of A Holistic Nurse In Patient Care

Many people do not know what holistic nursing entails. However, it is quite simple to understand. Holistic nursing is quite different from the traditional form of nursing we are accustomed to and comes with many benefits worth highlighting. While the goal of conventional nursing practice is healing the patient’s mind and body, holistic nursing care encompasses more than that.

This article discusses holistic care and what you should know about the profession.

The Meaning Of Holistic Care

In simple words, holistic care is a medical profession that aims to heal a patient by ensuring the body, mind, spirit, and emotion are in perfect condition and the patient responds better to their environment. Holistic nurses have been equipped with therapeutic skills and knowledge to care for their patients. Ultimately, holistic nursing believes that a patient’s mental health influences their overall wellness.

How Holistic Nurses Take Care Of Patients

Holistic nurses, sometimes known as complementary health nurses, rely on alternative medical treatment to heal their patients. Sometimes, they can apply holistic nursing and conventional treatment methods to treat the patient. Examples of holistic treatment methods include hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, wellness coaching, eastern medicine, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, etc.

The Difference Between Holistic Nursing Care And Conventional Medicine

It is key to note that holistic nursing and conventional Western medicine apply different philosophies, diagnosis practices, and treatment methods. The main focus of traditional medicine is fighting viruses and bacteria and improving genetics. On the other hand, holistic nursing pays attention to a patient’s experiences and the environment when treating a medical condition or an injury.

Conventional Treatment

Traditional treatment methods’ main goal is matching a patient’s symptoms to an already determined list of illnesses or conditions to make a diagnosis. Using diagnostic tools, the medical expert identifies the cause of the illness and administers an efficient treatment to the patient. Generally, the patient is treated using drugs and other medical equipment.

Holistic Nursing Care

A holistic nurse begins by consulting the patient to hear their opinions and preferred way of undergoing certain treatment methods before it is administered. After a patient has been diagnosed with a specific condition, the nurse may pay attention to the healing process rather than the illness itself. Holistic treatment methods may include regular exercises, changes in diet, herbs, meditation, reflexology, homeopathy, and biofeedback.

The Different Features Of Holistic Nursing Care

Holistic nursing care can focus on the effect of factors separately and not simply the illness or diagnosis likely to help or influence the attainment of the anticipated outcome.

For instance, the holistic treatment administered during palliative care may involve the medical professional using the patient’s age as a basis for recommending the best form of comfort care if the patient is physically disabled or struggling with age-related problems.

The different features of this holistic nursing care are:

#1. Treating The Patient As A Whole

Apart from age, a patient’s religious and cultural beliefs can be exploited to accelerate the healing process. For example, a patient with strong, faith-based values on self-care can benefit from a treatment plan that involves activities they relish to take part in for their faith.

Also, it can help to consider a patient’s socio-economic profile when evaluating the needs of an individual. For example, financial pressure to offset medical bills can affect a patient’s mental health; the individual may develop anxiety or depression because of the financial implications of a certain approach to patient care. Luckily, holistic nurses understand the need to treat a patient as a whole, including the individual’s lifestyle and financial position.

#2. The Patient’s Family Dynamics

A holistic nurse has been trained on how to study and understand the role of family values and dynamics when developing the ideal care plan for the recovering individual.

To learn about an individual’s family relations, you must have active communication skills and respect for other people’s beliefs and customs, even when they differ from yours. Upon understanding an individual’s family setting, a holistic nurse can determine how this aspect of life will influence a patient’s treatment and recovery journey.

#3. The Patient’s Environment

So as to develop an effective care plan, a holistic nurse is interested in knowing the conditions of where the patient lives or spends most of their time. The holistic nurse must ensure the patient abodes in an organized and clean environment and that the personal care items are maintained and used appropriately.

Individuals with functional mobility issues or declining cognitive ability require environments with sufficient food, water, fresh air, lighting, etc.

#4. The Patient’s Community

A patient’s family is just as important as the patient’s community. An individual’s community may include people with shared hobbies, places of worship, or other social interests. In addition, a patient’s community can be local, in-person, virtual, or distant.

In holistic nursing care, the medical expert must evaluate and understand the patient’s community and its influence on the individual’s recovery journey.

Read More On Holistic Nursing Care!

At The Nurse Coach Collective, we offer a wide selection of treatment and nursing care services. We have no problem borrowing from holistic and traditional nursing practices to deliver quality services. For more information, we encourage you to call us today!

An RN Health Coach 

Are you a nurse? Are you looking for a change? Many nurses across the country are losing their passion for their careers. Not because they aren’t interested in helping people anymore, but because of the way modern medicine has become more symptom management than anything else. Nurses got into the profession to make a difference. They want to make the lives of their patients better. When you go into work day in and day out and see your patients not getting better, it can fade your passion. It can make what you are doing feel meaningless. This has led to a lot of nurses seeking better alternatives. Luckily, there is a better way of nursing. That way is being ushered in by a new era of collective thinking that throws the idea of symptom management out the window. Instead of treating symptoms, you will be treating root causes. This holistic approach has been proven to be increasingly effective in helping patients truly get better. 

If you are looking to become an RN Health Coach, it’s not out of your hands. The Nurse Coach Collective is a group that is helping nurses just like you move away from symptom management nursing into full-blown and effective RN health coaches. You will get the tools you need to become a Board-Certified RN health coach through the Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Best of all, the certificate is accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Thus, you will end up with something that can pad your resume to help with future job prospects and even for starting your own business. 

The mission of The Nurse Coach Collective is to help elevate both nurses and patients alike. Nurses have been overworked and burdened with ineffective treatment for too long. A lot of nurses have been burning out at record rates. There had to be a better way and we found one. Our Transformative Nurse Coaching program was developed by nurses for nurses. This program is designed to teach nurses how to deliver better and more effective care to their patients. We know every nurse has it within them to become a healer and agent of change. They just need the skills, knowledge, and tools to implement it. We’ve made it our mission to dedicate our time to helping our nurses become effective leaders and better healers.

Our program will take you through a paradigm shift where you will learn about new ways to look at nursing and healing. When you commit to the growth mindset we’ve instilled, it’s going to help open up a lot of new possibilities that you may never have thought about previously. Along with this, we have established a strong community that you can use along your journey. We know how important community is. That’s why you will get access to our online forums where you can ask questions and speak with others going through the same thing as yourself. You can even get access to personal coaches that will answer questions you might have. There is plenty of theories out there. We provide evidence-informed ways to apply the theories you learn to your practice and life in general. 

When you take on the Transformative Nurse Coaching program, you will give yourself the map toward becoming a board-certified RN health coach. It’s one of the best decisions you can make for your career. Whether you want to score a new job, start your own business, or simply find a better way to help your patients – you can find what you are looking for in this course. The course will take around 7 months to complete. Afterward, you will be board-certified to be an RN health coach. This means you can start applying things you’ve learned to help your patients become healthier overall. 

Nurses are continuing to lead the way in the new era of health care. Being a nurse is an amazing thing. You make sacrifices to help others unlike a lot of other professions out there. However, it can be equally as demoralizing when your lifework isn’t working. This is what symptom-based management has done to our nurses. Nurses are looking for better ways to integrate whole-body health care into the mix. This program will go over why it works and how to effectively integrate it into your practice. It’s a great way to position yourself for the new paradigm shift that’s occurring. You want to put yourself at the forefront of the change. It’s going to allow you to re-light the passion you may have once lost. You get to see your patients truly getting better as time goes on. It’s a great way to help you leverage the existing skills you have to make life better for your patients and provide better care. It’s a good way forward for any nurse and we look forward to helping you make the next step in your career as we have done for many before you.

The Advantages Of Becoming A Nurse Coach With The Nurse Coach Collective

For a lot of people, the process of becoming a nurse isn’t worth it. The selflessness you need to have to be a nurse isn’t for everyone. It also makes it much more of a passion than a job for most that take on the tall task. After all, if you look at the long hours that must be spent on your feet, it’s easy to see why a lot of people might look elsewhere for a career path. Thus, those that stick it out tend to be extremely passionate about helping others. Nurses need to be very committed to helping their patients if they are to make it in the difficult profession. Nurses provide vital assistance to patients in need. It doesn’t matter what specialization they choose, they provide comfort to those that need it the most. They treat patients recovering from surgery, help usher in new life, and even comfort those who may be in their final stages of life.

The issue is, a lot of nurses are quickly becoming disappointed with the way of modern Western medicine. The fact is, a lot of Western medicine is backward. It encourages the treatment of symptoms one is experiencing rather than treating what’s causing the symptoms. The focus on treating symptoms doesn’t go unnoticed by nurses across the country. Nurses are on the front lines so they know how ineffective this entire strategy is. They get very close to their patients, so they know that they aren’t truly providing their patients with what they need to enhance their quality of life. The conventional model requires a drastic transformation. There needs to be a shift towards the treatment of the whole body. A much more holistic approach is needed to ensure a patient improves their health and wellness. This includes helping them improve their quality of sleep, diet, exercise routine, and even their mental health.

This disenchantment has ended up fueling a lot of searching for better alternatives. Nurses are starting to look elsewhere to see if there is a better way to help their patients. They want to make a change for the better that will allow them to fulfill their passion for truly helping others. A lot of nurses have found that becoming a nurse coach offers the opportunity they’ve been missing. After all, they get to leverage all of the skills they have in the medical field yet help their patients truly enhance their quality of life by improving their whole body health instead of just treating symptoms.

This is where the advantages of becoming a nurse coach come into play. A professional nurse coach can help a patient better focus on their physical, spiritual, and mental health. Through nurse coaching, they can help their patients enjoy a better quality of life because they will truly be healthier as a result.

Becoming A Board-Certified Nurse Coach – The Advantages Of Becoming A Nurse Coach

Holistic care isn’t new. However, it’s quickly becoming adopted in the United States as a viable and perhaps superior treatment method. There are already thousands of different nurse coaches scattered across the country. More nurses are leaping every day to become nurse coaches through obtaining their Transformative Nurse Coach Certification from reputable organizations like The Nurse Coach Collective.

To truly enjoy the countless benefits of obtaining a nurse coach certification, you will need to have a current/active and unrestricted license to be a Registered Nurse. You don’t need a specific specialization. All you need is an active and unrestricted license.

You will go through various evidence-based videos that teach you everything along the way. The entire program will take around 7 months to complete. The good thing about it is that you can do everything online. It doesn’t require in-person participation. This means that you can continue to do your job and your regular shifts. This allows you to tackle the learning on your own time and it helps you continue to work as a nurse in the meantime. With the program, you get the benefit of having access to live support calls with helpful and experienced nurse coaches. They can answer any questions you have. Along with this, you also get access to a vibrant nurse coach community where you can bounce ideas off. They can offer you shared experiences and help whenever you need it. This is one of the advantages of becoming a nurse coach with The Nurse Coach Collective.

The Advantages Of Becoming A Nurse Coach

You don’t have any special requirements when it comes to being a nurse coach. That being said, you will benefit from becoming a nationally accredited nurse coach. The American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corp (AHNCC) is the one that will be offering accreditation for the certification. This helps prove that nurse coaches have obtained the necessary knowledge and skills to prove competency in the subject.

There are over 3 million nurses in the USA alone that are constantly seeking jobs. This can make the marketplace very competitive. By gaining board certification, you can gain a competitive advantage over the competition. This is only one of the advantages of becoming a nurse coach.

The good news is that becoming a nurse coach is going to give you even more benefits than that. As mentioned, the advantages of becoming a nurse coach are seemingly neverending. There are both tangible and intangible benefits. As a nurse coach, not only are you going to be able to make more of a difference in your patient’s lives, but you are also going to fulfill your true passion for nursing because of it. There have been studies that have shown that the recovery rates of patients who receive holistic care are much better than those that only get symptom-based care. Thus, patients that receive care from a trained nurse coach end up improving their quality of life much quicker and more effectively.

The benefits of becoming a nurse coach can be plentiful. The majority of those that leap to become one report they regain the passion they once lost. They also report they are much more satisfied with their job and their work. A qualified nurse coach can enjoy much more freedom in their ability to help their patients recover and better their lives.

If you want to start reigniting your passion for nursing once again, it might be time to leap yourself. Visit us at The Nurse Coach Collective. You can contact us right now and speak with one of our professional nurse coaches to get any pertinent questions answered.

Things We Learned in ‘The Silent Count’ by E.A. Smiroldo

Suppose you’re looking for a great climate fiction thriller read wherein the protagonist takes the overwhelming task of using nuclear technology to mitigate climate change. In that case, The Silent Count by E.A. Smiroldo is perfect for you! 

Here are a few things that we learned from The Silent Count:

Climate Change is Real

The Silent Count reminded us of an ongoing crisis that needs to be addressed—climate change. We’ve been experiencing the consequences of climate change through strong typhoons, tornadoes, and abnormal temperature changes. It might take a toll on humanity in the long run if a lack of action occurs.

Music Unites Us

As a singer-songwriter herself, E.A. Smiroldo incorporated song lyrics throughout the book. The lyrics are from original songs written and performed solely by E.A. Smiroldo. One of the characters, Jericho Wells, is an aspiring rockstar who uses his platform and music not just to express himself but also to send out an important message. His songs tell the message of unity for humanity and the planet.

People With Power Will Do Whatever It Takes

Just as the saying goes, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ Authorities have the supreme power to spearhead change for everyone’s sake. But when power is given to the wrong individuals, things get messy. This book showed us that some officials would do whatever it takes if it’s something they will benefit from—even if it’s not good for the citizens. 

It Is Okay to Seek Help from Others

The main character in the book, Dara Bouldin, is a devoted geo-engineering student that’s been through a lot. Coming from a tragedy where she lost her mother in a wildfire, Dara is dedicated to helping them to change the consequences of climate change. After her dad lost all their money from a gambling addiction, Dara had to work hard to pay their debts. Throughout the book, we can see Dara’s journey to self-fulfillment while working on her climate-change project. This book showed us that sharing your problems with others is okay. You don’t have to keep all your burdens to yourself; your most trusted ones will always have your back. You can check out The Silent Count on Amazon.

For more information about E.A. Smiroldo, you can visit her website or find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Tips On Teaching Your Child How To Use A Laptop

In the 1990s, children in the US and Europe who knew how to use a desktop computer were seen as lucky to have access to such a skill. Now, in 2022, it is almost seen as essential for young children to be able to use computers.

The world is increasingly dependent on technology, but luckily, children learn these skills very quickly if they are introduced correctly. Rather than waiting for the skills to be taught at school, why not take the initiative yourself and help them learn the basics at home?

How do you do so? Read on for some simple tips.

Make Sure The Mouse Fits

When a child is first introduced to a computer, whether it is a desktop or one of the popular ThinkPads, you should always aim to have a mouse attached to the computer. 

This is for a couple of reasons. A mouse is easier for a child to use to move the cursor around the screen. Also, unless you have invested in a specialized touchpad, your child will likely be using more than one finger to try and move the mouse. This can cause confusion in some touchpads and can prompt the cursor to jump around the screen. 

Make sure that the mouse you use fits in the child’s hand and that they do not have to strain their fingers to click the top part of the mouse.

Make Icons Larger

When you are an adult who uses screens all day, you can forget how small the writing on a laptop screen is, as well as the icons. So, when it comes to teaching a child how to navigate their way around the home screen, it can be worth clicking on the settings section to make the icons larger. 

This will help them identify the icons more easily when they are reduced to the normal size and can help them link an icon to the name of an app or program without needing to strain their eyes.

Talk Them Through It

Patience is key for teaching children a new skill, so be sure to talk them through it step by step, and do not lose your patience. Learning how to use a computer can be very tricky, especially for younger children, so aim to set them simple tasks at first, such as opening a Word file, typing their name, and saving it. Then, for each skill they accomplish, reward them. 

Allow Them To Experiment

When your child has the basics down, allow them to experiment with the computer. This can be via something as simple as allowing them to write in a word document or create a drawing on a paint document. 

Of course, always ensure that you are keeping a watchful eye on them and ensure that they do not go online without you watching.

Install Games

Games can make learning how to use a laptop fun, and there are thousands available online. There is something for children of all ages and abilities to download for free and play. So, search for a suitable game with them, install it and watch their IT skills blossom.

Discovering a Career Path That You Are Passionate About

You will spend a lot of time at work, and you must enjoy (or even) love what you do. If you are not passionate about your job or career, then you will feel unfulfilled, and you may find that you will feel empty. You may then find that this will affect personal and professional relationships. So, just what action can you start taking to ensure this does not happen to you?

Weighing Up the Careers Suitable for You

Getting started, you will want to think about what careers are suitable for you. For example, if you love working with children, then would a career in education be highly suitable? Or, if you like support others, what about a career in care, or nursing? Discovering and uncovering careers and paths that will be suitable for you is not a process that can be rushed. Taking your time is important, as it will allow you to see exactly just what you want and need, and why.

Focusing on Enhancing Your Education

Once you have processed career ideas and paths, you must then start looking at enhancing your education where you can (and when you can). When you advance and enhance your education, you show potential employers why you are right for the role. You also show yourself just what you are capable of. When it comes to focusing on your education, you want to be sure that you study the best program for you, at a university or college that aligns with your values. At CampusReel.org, you can check out universities and colleges on offer, and you can see which ones may be right for you. You can also see what your chances of getting accepted are too, this is good as it saves unnecessary disappointment.

Carving Out a Lasting Career

A career path that you are passionate about is important, but maintaining passion is not enough in your chosen career. You also have to think about a lasting career and sustainable career. Even though you may just be starting on your chosen career path, you must never stop thinking about your future goals and aspirations. Retaining passion is crucial, but ensuring you are a sustainable professional at any level is crucial too. Making a career action plan and putting a strategy in place should help you get the longevity that you deserve. Breaking down larger goals and objectives into smaller timescales will help you retain your passion, drive, and ambition.

Focusing on Your Skillset

The skills that you have, both professionally and personally, will be useful in the career path that you choose to follow. To ensure that you always get the most out of yourself, and out of opportunities, you must always focus on improving your skill set. See where there are areas for growth. Look at hard skills and soft skills and see where changes can be made. Be honest with yourself and be prepared to embrace growth and change wherever possible.

Small Business Hybrid Team Meeting Tips

Make your job purposeful within the context of the small business organization.

More than ever, meaning is crucial. How do we learn this at work? People who don’t believe their work adds to their company’s goal are much more likely to leave their positions than their colleagues who do, according to studies conducted over the past ten years.

Every project and endeavor should have a clear purpose

Employees will be better able to recall their motivation for working. For instance, CommonSpirit, the biggest nonprofit health system in the U.S., begins crucial meetings with “reflections.” That is to say, tales or videos highlight the challenges of working in the healthcare industry during a pandemic while highlighting the good they do for their patients and communities. Managers may achieve the same result by illustrating how each team member’s work fits into the overall scheme of why what they do matters to the world.

Managers should always explain why the project is crucial when assigning hybrid meeting assignments. What role does it play in the company’s larger mission? How will other individuals fare? Even if it’s only two or three others? 

Trust your employees beyond your comfort level

Encourage managers to provide advice as opposed to directives. For hybrid teams, managers should establish the milestones they want their subordinates to achieve and then let them figure out how to get there. 

Prior to retaining authority and delegating it to product managers and people scientists, some leadership teams created a specific timeline and success criteria. This may sound too complicated for a small business. Still, when it’s done right, with everyone on board, it is so logical that everyone from the sales manager to the janitor understands the key objectives and works towards the same goals.

They developed a superior end product and were impressed by the inventive ideas that surfaced after granting their teams control over their remote work technique and ultimate result.

In fact, according to anecdotal evidence, teams with the highest levels of trust and psychological safety are forty percent more productive than those with the lowest indices.

Learn from the little things.

Send others nudges, even yourself. It is easy to overlook the tiny moments that make cooperation wonderful and stimulate creativity while doing hybrid work.

For instance, Google News was the outcome of a casual chat between two workers waiting in line for lunch. In an office, these contacts occur naturally; in a remote environment, however, they go by the wayside, damaging over time. 

In a hybrid setting, nudges may be a way to spark these kinds of moments. At Humu, we customize nudges based on a number of signals, like team focus areas, job level, and learning goals for each person.

For example, before a manager’s next one-on-one meeting, we might send them a push message with tips on how to have a growth-focused conversation with a report using tools like Klaxoon. This might happen if team members seek ways to learn and their boss wants to get better at mentoring.