Use Us To Get Your Holistic Nurse Certification

Have you decided to take the next step in your career to become a holistic nurse? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. Many nurses are looking for ways to reignite their passion for helping others and a better way to avoid the long and grueling hours associated with traditional nursing. Getting your holistic nurse certification could be your ticket to improving your life and helping others more at the same time. We made it as easy as possible for Registered Nurses to enroll in our program to obtain a holistic nurse certification. Becoming a holistic nurse or nurse coach isn’t out of reach. Wondering why to go with our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program? 

Some Of The Reasons To Choose Us To Get Your Holistic Nurse Certification:

We Were In Your Position

When you go through our program, you will notice from the start that it was designed with you in mind. After all, we were once in your position. It’s what inspired us to create the program in the first place. If you want to go through a program that was effectively designed with you in mind, this is the program for you. We are nurses ourselves. We designed the program specifically for nurses looking to take the next step in their careers. If you’ve wanted to become a nurse health coach, getting your holistic nurse certification through our program is the best way to do it. 

We Are Nurse Coaches Ourselves

Another reason you want to consider enrolling in our program has to do with us being nurse coaches. Because we are nurse coaches ourselves, you don’t have to worry about getting advice from people that don’t know what they are talking about. Instead, you will be getting instruction and resources from people that run successful nurse coaching practices. If it’s your goal to become a nurse coach and to start a practice, you’ll get to learn from those doing it. 

You Get Board Certified

When you are looking to get into holistic nursing or become a nurse coach, you will want to give your clients as much assurance as possible. The best way to deliver them the assurance they need to be confident in your services is by getting certified. While it’s not necessary to become a health coach, it is going to give your clients the peace of mind and assurance they need to trust you with your guidance. We made certain our program was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association [1]. Thus, you will get your 120 CNE contact hours when you go through the program. This means that by the end of going through the 7-month online program, you will get board certified to be a nurse health coach. 

It’s Streamlined

We have created our program to be the most streamlined way to get board certified and up and running with being a professional health coach. Throughout the years, we’ve revamped the program to ensure it’s the most optimized program to turn you into a board-certified health coach. The entire program will take you from start to finish learning about nurse coaching to understanding how to practice it. You will get expert guidance every step of the way too. The entire course is streamlined to ensure you get from point A to point B with as little friction as possible. 

You Get Access To A Thriving Community

One of the things we are so proud of within our program is how good of a community we’ve built. Over the years, we’ve helped many traditional nurses take the next step in their careers to become holistic nurses. We’ve proudly built up an amazing community of like-minded holistic nursing professionals that continue to help transform the healthcare industry for the better. When you join, you will get access to our growing and thriving community of nurse health coaches. They can answer questions you have and you can always ask questions to your dedicated instructor. The community aspect sets our program apart from any other program you will find out there.
Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we are looking to do our part in changing the healthcare industry for the better. We want to usher in a new era of nurse coaches with their holistic nurse certification. That way, clients can receive better and more comprehensive care. As a nurse coach, you have a lot more freedom by which you can operate. You can help clients improve their lifestyles, diet, and more. A nurse coach can branch out from taking a symptom management approach and start truly helping people. If you desire to become a nurse health coach and get into holistic nursing, you can contact one of our friendly professionals at The Nurse Coach Collective for your free consultation.