Enroll To Become A Nurse Health Coach

The nursing profession is one of the most demanding. It requires a lot of schooling, training, and sacrifice. The hours are long and the work is difficult. You need to be constantly running around on your feet tending to other people’s needs. There’s little time for yourself. Needless to say, it’s a career choice that requires a lot of passion and patience. Are you finding it difficult to maintain that level of passion you once had? Are you looking for a change? If so, it might be time to start looking at your options. Luckily, as a nurse, you will always be in demand. There is always a demand for nurses in various specialties. One of the specialties you might want to look into is nurse coaching. There are plenty of reasons to consider getting into becoming a nurse health coach

What Is A Nurse Health Coach? 

A nurse health coach is a nursing specialization where you would take a results-based approach with patients to help them reach their health goals. It’s a specialization and you can get certified by taking a credentialed certification program.

Why Get Into Nurse Health Coaching?

1. You Get To Work When You Want And How You Want

One of the things that are driving a lot of nurses away from the profession is the inability to work how you want and when you want. A nurse is typically forced to work long shifts with weird hours. This is something that can cause physical burnout. Along with this, they are forced to interact with patients according to the rules and regulations of the hospital or practice. When you are a nurse health coach, you don’t have these same rules that define how you can work. Instead, you run the show. You get to be in charge of how you interact with your patients. It gives you the chance to be your boss. This means that you can set your schedule to work with your schedule. This can free up time that you can spend with your loved ones. It can also ensure that you are getting a good work/life balance that you typically wouldn’t get as a traditional nurse. As a traditional nurse, you have limited control over your schedule. 

2. You Get To Make a Difference

This is a big one for anyone that is looking to get out of traditional nursing because they’ve lost their passion. It’s not that you lost your passion for helping others. It’s much more likely that you ended up losing your passion because you realized that you weren’t making as much of a difference as you wanted. As a nurse working in a hospital or elsewhere, you generally don’t get to choose how to care for your patients and you have no say in what’s to be done. Instead, you are forced to manage their symptoms and keep them moving. When you are in control over your practice, you get to make a difference in your patients’ lives. It’s a great way to get yourself in the center of things so you can actively help your patients truly get better. Not only that, but you get to break the mold of the traditional healthcare model. The health care system is broken. By becoming a holistic nurse, you get to change all of that. 

3. You Get To Learn More 

As a nurse, you need to be constantly learning. This is true whether you are a traditional nurse or a holistic nurse. When you step outside of traditional nursing, you will step into an unknown world where you get to learn even more. This will help you become a better nurse whether you decide to get into full-time holistic nursing or not. It’s also going to help you learn more about yourself. This can help you grow as a person and as a nurse. As a medical professional, you always want to stay learning. Becoming a board-certified nurse health coach is just another learning opportunity to make yourself better. 

4. Plenty Of Options

As a nurse coach, you will have plenty of options. You could always start your practice. This will allow you to be in complete control over your practice. However, you could also do other things. You could work in a hospital setting if that’s what you like. A lot of hospitals are looking towards nurse coaching to help their patients and reduce costs. You can also work in a clinic or elsewhere. There are a lot of options available once you get your board certification in professional nurse coaching. 

If you are a nurse that is sick of the modern system, it’s time for a change. You aren’t alone. When you join us at The Nurse Coach Collective, you are joining an entire community of nurses looking to change the system for the better!