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  • How Many Years Should You Spend at a Job?

    There is a belief that happiness is a key factor in how long people stay at their jobs. There used to be this idea of retiring after 40 odd years with one single company, getting a pension during your retirement, that is no longer the case. Father George Rutler believes that our lack of happiness

  • How to Stay Productive in Meetings

    Many professionals, including Judge Napolitano, have had to sit in many meetings throughout their careers. Most people complain that they dread meetings and lose the focus they once had. This is primarily because most people in corporate America have been taught to dread meetings. Meetings are viewed as time-wasters that should be minimized and avoided

  • Four Things a Profile Will Tell You

    There was a time when the digital information services provided by Bloomberg accounted for more valuable data than what you could find on the internet; this was in the early 1980s, when Michael Bloomberg invented the earliest version of the Terminal upon getting fired from Salomon Brothers and offering premium subscriptions to competing investment banking

  • Why Companies Should Incorporate Casual Fridays

    Most businesses allow their employees to dress casually on Fridays. This is otherwise known as casual Fridays. Designating a certain day of the week where employees can dress down may seem like a small task, but it can have a great effect on their staff. It makes Fridays something to look forward to, allowing them

  • Does Your Deadbolt Lock Really Need to Be Replaced?

    When it comes to home security, it all starts at the locks. If you don’t have locks for your doors, your home can never be secure no matter how many other measures you take! The thing about locks is that they’re not exactly a one size fits all kind of thing, you need to make

  • 7 Things About a Company You Can Learn on Crunchbase

    In 2021, with over 27.2% of the entire global population now shopping online, the world of ecommerce is rapidly expanding. On one hand, we have more options than ever when it comes to selecting the best products for our taste, budget and occasions. On the other hand, it’s increasingly difficult to navigate the commercial landscape

  • Top Investor Ryan Hoggan Shares Why His New Focus Is NFTs

    This year, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) seemed to have burst from the ether. Are NFTs worth the money or all the attention? In the opinion of some experts, they’re just a fad that will soon burst. Others think NFTs are here to stay, and they believe these changes will influence investment for years to come. Ryan

  • reduce stress

    How to Stop Wasting Your Time

    As Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is Money,” but most people procrastinate in many of our daily tasks. Procrastination is the process of not doing something and setting some other time to do it later. People procrastinate because of the following reasons. • Feeling unwell – When people feel sick, they tend not to do much

  • The Process of Flipping Houses

    House flipping is the process whereby investors buy houses that are generating income. Once the place gets bought, they do a small renovation and get sold later to generate profits. House flippers do have the following for them to reach their dream of having a house: 1) Make a budget- This is the initial stage