Why Companies Should Incorporate Casual Fridays

Most businesses allow their employees to dress casually on Fridays. This is otherwise known as casual Fridays. Designating a certain day of the week where employees can dress down may seem like a small task, but it can have a great effect on their staff.

It makes Fridays something to look forward to, allowing them to have more fun, establish strong bonds, and improve morale and productivity. Without paying a cent, it creates an opportunity to do even more for employees. Here are some reasons why Shalom Lamm thinks more businesses should embrace casual Fridays.

Free Office Perk

This office perk doesn’t cost businesses anything. All it requires is for their employees to dress down in casual business attire one day out of the week. This simple and cost-effective perk is something that their workers will look forward to. This perk is also free for them since it’s likely that they own a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Businesses should set clear guidelines and examples of casual business attire. They should set specific rules such as blue or black jeans are allowed, but flip-flops and tank tops are not. They can provide their workers with a list of suggestions. The rules should apply to both men and women.

Increases Productivity

Their employees feel as if their boss is finally listening to them. Wearing casual clothes one day out of the week also boosts their morale. This creates a work environment that has an improved mood, increasing productivity and employee loyalty. Casual Fridays motivate employees and create a positive impact on the workplace.

Improves Team Building

Shalom Lamm suggests combining casual Fridays with another employee perk, such as a catered lunch. This encourages them to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones within. It also increases staff retention rates since this makes for a more pleasant atmosphere. Employees can look forward to Fridays even more by showing off their style and being around the people they enjoy working with.

Creates a Fun Casual Atmosphere

Casual Fridays bring fun to the office. This allows employees to relax more in whatever they feel comfortable wearing. Formal businesses should kindly remind their employees that if they have a business meeting scheduled for that day, they should still make an effort.

Other Fridays of the month can have their own theme. For a building filled with creatives, having casual Fridays may not be enough. In competitive branches, there could be prizes for the most creative outfits or those who wear the company apparel the best.

Lets Employees Express Themselves

One way to improve employee morale is to let their workers express their individuality. Casual Fridays are the perfect day to show off their unique personality or company spirit. Companies can encourage their employees to compete for who wears the most stylish company apparel. Or, they can show off their creativity by wearing jeans that are custom-branded by the business.

Make Casual Fridays A Must

Casual Fridays might not suit every workplace, but it’s beneficial in most circumstances. Every boss should consider having a casual Friday once a month or on certain days throughout the year, such as sporting events or holidays. Since it’s cost-effective, there is almost no excuse not to have a casual Friday.

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