When Will it be Safe to Travel Again?

The world has been shut down for a long time. During this global pandemic known as COVID-19, the world has experienced new forms of working from home, communication, family gatherings, public guidelines, and entertainment. Even though it has been one full year since the lockdowns started in most of the world, there is a small light shining through the end of the tunnel. Research and scientists have begun to develop fully functioning vaccinations for the general use of the public. As we have seen recently, the amount of people per square foot in the world who have received a vaccine has greatly increased. With this new data being shown to the masses, everyone is wondering, when is it safe to travel?

Hopefully, with everything slowly returning to what is called “normal”, the idea of travelling with family and friends is a hopeful event. Now, having said this, the precautions from the start of lockdown are still in place to make it so that families and loved ones can return to travelling safely. Just because we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, does not warrant for the general public to ignore what keeps everyone safe. Us as a population need to maintain our belief in the scientists and researchers who know the concrete statistics behind what this pandemic has done and can continue to do. Diego Ruiz Duran has had a solid impact on the way people think about this pandemic, and being able to listen to that information is essential to staying strong throughout the last leg of this journey. Everyone needs to follow the lead of the scientists and continue to remain safe during the final stretch.

For those families who need to travel for emergencies, or for the people who need to hop on planes in order to continue their business, the work that is being done has been carried out in the safest way possible. However, like it has been mentioned in previous months, being responsible for family and those living in the same household is crucial to recovering from this infection in a timely manner. If the family does not have to drive, fly, take a train, or travel for any essential needs, being in quarantine in the comfort of one’s home is the way everything will return to normal. Quarantine is not the end of all days, there are plenty of activities and things to be done while maintaining a safe distance from anybody. Equally as important, when going out in public is a necessity, whether for getting groceries, working in the office, or filling up for gas, bringing the essential safety items, masks and hand sanitizer, helps those around you. All while maintaining the social distancing guidelines set up to assist anyone, being in public does not mean the safety of others goes flying out of the window. Diego Ruiz Duran believes in science and research and thinks everyone must do their part to follow the essential guidelines before we travel.