How to Travel on a Budget

Steps to Travel on a Budget

Travelling can get pretty expensive, which is why it’s important to budget wisely. Shalom Lamm made sure to stay on a budget too when traveling. He was able to find the cheapest airline tickets and the cheapest hotel rates. The question that may be on everyone’s mind is how they can do that. There are a few steps to travel on a budget.

1. Plan a Budget

The first, and most important, step is to plan a budget that works great for their family. Discuss where they want to go and see the amount of money it could be costing them. They need to look at their finances, and then they can see the amount of money they have to start planning their entire trip.

2. Low Airline Fees

The best time to travel is when airline prices are not that expensive. Around the holidays the prices tend to go sky high since a majority of people travel during those times. People love to fly coach because of the treatment they get when they take that route. Travelers do not need to go in that direction. The most important part is getting to the destination safe and sound. Some airlines are cheaper than others so compare flights with other airlines to see which one has the cheaper rates. Another thing is to split up the flight time and go the layover route. Passengers should book a flight where they will be stopping in another city on the way to their destination. Another way to get an inexpensive ticket is to travel early in the morning. A lot of times those tickets are the least expensive since no one wants to travel at that time.

3. Inexpensive Hotel Prices

Travelers do not need to go anywhere fancy to stay for a few days. They can find a clean motel that will be cheaper than a larger hotel. People can also book a package deal and book airline and hotel stay together. This way they are getting a good discount for both. People can also find some coupons to help with the cost of their budget.

4. Attractions

No matter where people end up, going sightseeing can add up but not if they are doing it on a budget. Walking on hiking trails and experiencing nature is free and will give them exercise and maybe even some scenic views. Travelers that are traveling with children will be pleased to find out that no matter where they go, there will always be parks and splash areas. Those are also free. Some splash areas may cost one or two dollars to get in. Walking from the hotel is another inexpensive thing vacation goers can do. It’s a great way to see the city as well. All hotels and motels come with either indoor or outdoor pools. Spending the day at the pool is a great way to relax and unwind.
These are all great ideas that Shalom Lamm would do. Take action and never be afraid to spend money wisely. People will find that they end up saving a lot more than they thought they would for a vacation.

Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While You Travel

After months of lockdowns and quarantining, we’re finally at a point where people are ready to leave their homes and explore the country and even the world. Apart from the planning part, traveling should be fun and stress free. However, if you’re leaving your home behind without roommates or family members to keep it safe, you run the risk of it being vulnerable to intruders or damage. There are a lot of things that you’ll want to take care of before you go on your merry way. Here are a few of the most basic yet important tips for keeping your home safe while you travel. 

Run a Test on Your Alarms

Before you leave, do a run through of any alarms and smoke detectors in the house. Check the batteries and make sure that they are functioning properly. These alarms and detectors will help protect your home from fires, carbon monoxide, and intruders while you’re away– if they’re dead, they can’t serve their purpose.

If you use a security system in your home, test it out prior to leaving. Further, if you don’t own a home security system, now would be a good time to purchase one. There are a variety of options that come at different price points. Choose one that will work well for your living situation. 

Hide Your Valuables

Obviously, hiding items like televisions and surround sounds isn’t practical, but securing expensive and valuable items is a smart thing to do before leaving. This can go for just about anything, but some items to keep in mind include:

  • Fine jewelry
  • Cash
  • Passports
  • Weapons
  • Social security cards
  • Heirlooms

Placing these items in a secured spot will help keep your home from becoming vulnerable to burglars who are on the lookout for items like these.

Let Neighbors or Friends Know

Another thing you can do to keep your home safe and secure is to let neighbors or friends know that you will be gone. If you don’t live in a populated area, have a friend or family member stop by and do a run through while you are gone. If you do live in an area with more people, give the neighbors notice of your absence. Some areas have a neighborhood crime reporting system that involves members of the neighborhood to report suspicious activity to the local authorities. 

If you’re an avid traveler thinking of buying a house soon after calculating what you can afford via a home affordability calculator, look for a home in an area with a neighborhood crime watch.

Keep Plumbing and HVAC in Mind

Do you live in an area with colder seasons and plan on traveling in the fall? Come up with a plan to keep your pipes safe from cracking. Planning a trip during the summer and have an air conditioning unit? Set your system up for success so that it doesn’t constantly run all day. This could lead to it freezing over and breaking your air conditioner. Do a quick run through of your plumbing and HVAC systems to prevent overuse and damage. 

Following the tips above and doing a sweep-through of your home before jetsetting are just among the few ways to keep your home safe and secure when you travel. Enjoy your time away and leave the stress behind this vacation!

Why International Travel is Essential

Why International Travel is Essential

We go about our lives and sometimes the surroundings of how we live is the only point of view that we have for how to live. A solution to this is to travel the world to see different ways of living. The former Fox News analyst Judge Napolitano believes that international travel is the way to go to learn more and experience more of what life can look like and be like. Napolitano generally speaks positively of travel to help people experience life and to enjoy themselves when every day life gets monotonous the same.

International Travel Can be an Eye Opener

International travel is nice to be able to go on for the eye openers. Travel usually allows us to see a new way of living. Sometimes these eye openers show us how lucky we are in our own lives. This shows us that there are things we take for granted and that we should appreciate more. Another eye opener from travel is we may realize some things about our lives are lacking and need some fixing. Whether in lifestyle or in cuisine we consume. Sometimes the eye openers make us realize there are some problems with how we live and how we can change them.

International Travel Can be Helpful for Relaxation

Every day can be extremely taxing on our bodies over time if we are constantly on the grind. Doing some international traveling allows us to experience some other ways of being and just relax. We sometimes need to just have that time to relax. Sometimes travel is aimed at business or about having a full itinerary. But we all sometimes should take a trip that is aimed at just enjoying ourselves and letting our bodies have time to feel good.

International Travel Can be Educational

International travel is most important because it can be extremely educational. We can learn about culture, history and art and all kinds of things from traveling. We can even learn a lot from traveling locally. Yet it is international travel that really allows people to learn a lot about a different culture and people and whatever else they would like to learn while they are on their travels. You can appreciate and learn about the cuisine and music as well when you travel to another country.
Thanks to the covid pandemic, most people have been unable to experience international travel. So if you’ve been waiting on international travel, then now is the time to start planning a trip since most travel bans are lifting. You may need to be careful about where you go due to the covid pandemic still being active or problematic in some locations and countries having a lot of travel restrictions. But Judge Napolitano believes that now is as good a time as any if you’ve been holding back on traveling and want to finally experience some travel after being stuck at home and social distancing from other people during the covid pandemic situation.

When Will it be Safe to Travel Again?

The world has been shut down for a long time. During this global pandemic known as COVID-19, the world has experienced new forms of working from home, communication, family gatherings, public guidelines, and entertainment. Even though it has been one full year since the lockdowns started in most of the world, there is a small light shining through the end of the tunnel. Research and scientists have begun to develop fully functioning vaccinations for the general use of the public. As we have seen recently, the amount of people per square foot in the world who have received a vaccine has greatly increased. With this new data being shown to the masses, everyone is wondering, when is it safe to travel?

Hopefully, with everything slowly returning to what is called “normal”, the idea of travelling with family and friends is a hopeful event. Now, having said this, the precautions from the start of lockdown are still in place to make it so that families and loved ones can return to travelling safely. Just because we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, does not warrant for the general public to ignore what keeps everyone safe. Us as a population need to maintain our belief in the scientists and researchers who know the concrete statistics behind what this pandemic has done and can continue to do. Diego Ruiz Duran has had a solid impact on the way people think about this pandemic, and being able to listen to that information is essential to staying strong throughout the last leg of this journey. Everyone needs to follow the lead of the scientists and continue to remain safe during the final stretch.

For those families who need to travel for emergencies, or for the people who need to hop on planes in order to continue their business, the work that is being done has been carried out in the safest way possible. However, like it has been mentioned in previous months, being responsible for family and those living in the same household is crucial to recovering from this infection in a timely manner. If the family does not have to drive, fly, take a train, or travel for any essential needs, being in quarantine in the comfort of one’s home is the way everything will return to normal. Quarantine is not the end of all days, there are plenty of activities and things to be done while maintaining a safe distance from anybody. Equally as important, when going out in public is a necessity, whether for getting groceries, working in the office, or filling up for gas, bringing the essential safety items, masks and hand sanitizer, helps those around you. All while maintaining the social distancing guidelines set up to assist anyone, being in public does not mean the safety of others goes flying out of the window. Diego Ruiz Duran believes in science and research and thinks everyone must do their part to follow the essential guidelines before we travel.

How travel can heal us from trauma

Did you know that 223.4 million people in the United States have experiences some type of traumatic event in their lives? That’s 70% of all adults. Trauma can lead to PTSD, severe depression, and several other symptoms that directly affect a person’s wellbeing. 

Healing that trauma can be a challenging process. Luckily, there are multiple approaches someone can take to get the process started. Traveling happens to be one way people can work through their traumatic experience and find healing. Here’s how it works. 

Being Present

No matter where you travel, it’s hard to be anywhere but in the moment. As you enter a foreign environment, you leave your comfort zone and begin to focus intently on what’s happening around you. Intuition sharpens as smells, sounds, and sights become more vivid. 

This is the mindset where people have epiphanies and find inspiration. People gain new perspectives, become more aware, and often find themselves refreshed. Just like a vacation can help you destress from being overworked, the same elements can help you heal from trauma. 

Shifting Mood

People recovering after their personal injury claims often have a poor mood from missing work and the accident itself. Shifting that mood to a positive one isn’t always easy when you’re stuck at home, which is why traveling can help change the dynamic. 

New experiences, getting away from life’s worries, and enjoying a new location can all increase your mood and bring about healing. All of these things also focus your attention on the task of travel, which can help distract from the woes of your trauma. 


Traveling often involves time to relax and reflect. Whether you’re sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves or enjoying the peace and quiet of the woods, this is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection. 

As you clear your head, the difficulties you face from your trauma are easier to isolate and work through. People tend to see the bigger picture in relation to what’s causing them pain, making it easier to see a path through that pain towards a happier version of themselves. 

This trick works for more than just trauma, too. Professionals in psychology and at an employment law firm say that this type of self-reflection helps employees work through issues in the office and helps them identify when career changes need to be made. 

Cultivating Gratitude

Sometimes, trauma can cloud other aspects of life. Your pain may make it impossible to see the good around you. Traveling brings about a new perspective for most people, helping them realize what they have to be grateful for simply by removing them from their daily life. 

The ability to focus on these things and cultivate gratitude towards them can help increase your perception of the positives in your life, effectively overshadowing the negative elements that surround your trauma. It’s not a cure-all, but it does help to focus on the good things in life.