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How Botox Works

Botox works in a very simple way. Botulism is a form of food poisoning which occurs when a person ingests food that contains neurotoxins produced by Closttridium botulinum bacteria. These botulinum toxins get attached to nerve endings of the muscles. In the process, acetylcholine, which is the transmitter that triggers muscle contraction, is not released. This in turn, leads to the botulinum toxins blocking the impulses that would command the muscles to contract. Therefore, when botox , which contains a small amount of botulinum protein, is injected onto the facial muscles, it paralyzes the facial muscles and stops the formation of wrinkles.

Even though there is no specific age that a person should start using botox, experts suggest that using botox at an early age might not be the best thing to do. Using botox during teenage years or during your 20’s and 30’s could adversely affect your skin several years down the line. This is because a botox injection’s results usually last for about four months. This will therefore necessitate that a person gets many injections. For the best results, most people start using botox in their 40s.

The Rising Popularity of Botox Injections Among Men

The use of botox for prevention of wrinkles is fast becoming popular with men. Even though women tend to age faster than guys, men are beginning to have botox injections to remove wrinkles as well. A survey conducted recently showed that there has been a more than two hundred percent increase in the number of men getting botox injections over the past decade. The reason why the injection is fast becoming popular among men is because men are getting more proactive about their appearance. The use of botox makes them look and feel better hence giving them a competitive edge. The stigma that was associated with cosmetic procedures has lessened. Men are also adopting this cosmetic procedure because the youthful and attractive look that it gives them is helpful in the job market.

Alternatives for Botox Injections

As a result of the few side effects and costs of this injection, experts have come up with alternatives for this injection. The following are some of the most common alternatives of botox injections

Elite Serum Eye and Wrinkle Cream

This is fast becoming popular among men as well. This product contains high powered peptides that have very effective natural moisturizers. These peptides contain argireline which relaxes the facial muscles; hence they do not work so hard. The use of this cream weakens the facial muscles, and this prevents wrinkle formation on the face.

Lifecell Antiwrinkle Cream

Lifecell cream is fast gaining popularity due to its fast effect that can be seen in seconds. This might not sound realistic, but it’s true with this cream. So how does this cream clear wrinkles in seconds? What appears on the face are the shadows that the wrinkles make. So the use of this cream clears these shadows, hence making them almost invisible. This cream contains micro-technology that is light reflecting.

Facelift Gym

The facelift gym is a product that removes the dark circles and bags around the eyes. This works effectively for both women and men. It contains electronic eye pads that help in rejuvenating blood circulation which is usually what causes dark and saggy skin. Apart from improving blood supply, it also tightens and firms the skin by smoothing the skin around the eyes.

The Pros of Botox Injections

Botox injections are effective in getting rid of wrinkles. The injections smooth wrinkles and make them less noticeable. It is beneficial in the sense that the wrinkles disappear, though just for several months. This makes a person look younger and more attractive.

Another benefit of botox injections is the fact that the procedure does not take long, and the results can be noticed fast. It requires no anesthesia and can take as short as ten minutes. Immediately after the injections, it’s very hard for a person to know that you have had the injection. The injection effects can last for about four to six months.

Botox injections work well on all types of skins colors and textures, and in both men and women. Botox can also prevent the development of furrows between eyebrows and generally smooths the face.

The Cons of Botox Injections

Some people are allergic to the injections. Since the effects of the injections only last for a few months, it means that a person will have to be getting several injections per year in order to maintain that smooth face. The continued use of the injections could result in damage. If the injections are not given properly, a person might experience problems when moving his or her lips or eyelids.

Another disadvantage of excessive botox injections is the permanent loss of expression. If a person starts the injections when he or she is young, that is below forty years of age, he might lose expressions. The several visits to the doctor for the injections can also be costly.

Not all wrinkles can be treated using botox injections. This is because some wrinkles develop when the skin loses its elasticity hence forcing it to sag. Another disadvantage of these injections is the fact they cannot be administered on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers or to people who have neurological diseases.



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