COGITO Original Watch

Technology is fast catching up and digitizing basically anything and in this case watches too. The COGITO ORIGINAL connected watch which was designed by an award winning designer Xavier Houy, is basically one of the most unique watches ever designed. It is specially designed for the technologically updated and sophisticated person with busy schedules. The fact that it can perform basic cell phone duties such as display alerts, answer calls and reply to texts means that one does not need to keep checking their smartphones. Its sleek and modern design is also a feature to look out for. A quick look at the features of this timepiece clearly indicates that it is a one of a kind, out of the ordinary watch.

Digital Display

The COGITO ORIGINAL connected watch has a digital display that is technologically enhanced. Upon linking the watch with the tablet or smartphone app, the COGITO ORIGINAL watch can easily customize the settings. One only needs to select the most important notifications and features that they frequently use their phones for and have them displayed on the watch. When this is done, the user can easily see the identity of the person calling or messaging displayed on the screen. Any customized notifications will also show on the watch’s display. One can choose whether to answer or ignore the calls, messages or the notifications. All the extra cell phone features are simply managed by the side buttons on the watch which is fast and easy.

Tap to Light Function

When an alert pops up, one only needs to tap on the watch’s screen to acknowledge and clear that particular alert. This saves on time and effort as it allows the user to manage their schedules right from wherever they are. This offers easier and faster alternative to controlling alerts and managing one’s busy schedule.

Low Energy Use

One would think that with all the features that this watch has, the energy use would be on the high-end. Well, this isn’t the case at all. The watch has a Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology feature that enables it to save on charge. This allows the watch to run on a conventional button cell watch battery that doesn’t require a recharge. This energy saving battery is guaranteed to power the watch for over one year without requiring charge. When time comes, the battery can easily be replaced which sees to the continuity of the watches functions.

Water Resistance

The COGITO ORIGINAL watch is 100% water resistant. The enhanced water resistance is up to 10 ATM. This unique feature enables the user to call, text and continuously receive alerts in wet situations. It performs all its functions uninterrupted under water, in the shower, the beach, pool or simply while doing some washing. This clearly showcases it uniqueness, strength and durability.

The COGITO ORIGINAL connected watch enables the users to choose among its wide variety of variant colors and materials. This unique and technologically updated watch is designed to make life easier especially in cases where the phone is out of reach.

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