A city in north-eastern Italy is the capital province in Veneto. Vicenza is approximately 60 km west of Venice and 200 km east of Milan. Vicenza is a thriving and cosmopolitan city, with a rich history and culture. It also has many art galleries, museums, piazzas, villas, churches and elegant Renaissance palazzi. You can also see the famous Teatro Olimpico. Which was designed by the great architect Andrea Palladio in the 1580. You can also find the Palladian Villas of the Venetto in the surrounding area. As of December 2008, Vicenza had an estimated population of c. 115,927, and a metropolitan area of 270,000. Vicenza is indeed a beatiful and wonderful place. During the Roman Age, they call it “Vicetia” or “Vicentia” meaning victorious.

People would wear masks during the “Mask Festival”. In the middle ages, people would wear masks to conceal or hide their identity and they used to walk on streets undetected. This invents the “mask culture” and mask carnivals within the city. In the 16th century spontaneous wearing of masks was a form of fashion and style. There are various mask designs, each mask represents elegance and beauty, while others display aggression and evil. A person usually chooses his or her mask that represents her character. It is even said that other people choose four masks of which each mask represents the “stages” of their lives, usually from youth to adulthood.

Living in this great city is indeed a wonderful experience. Whether you’ll have a vacation or a permanent stay, you’ll enjoy various Villas and other  huge establishments within the city. Most of them are designed by Palladio himself. Vicenza is also known  for its simple dishes, and often famous cheeses, fruits, ingredients and wines, such as Asiago cheese and the Marostica cherries. If you want to explore a wonderful place, then Vicenza is a way to go. You’ll definitely enjoy your time. There are a lot of tourists who would want to experience the beauty of art and theater. Plays like the famous “Rome and Juliet” are also the main attractions here, which is often presented in Teatro Olimpico. The “Water City of Vicenza” , where there are more than 150 streams criss cross together with 400 bridges that form a mysterious maze, is also a tourist attraction. You’ll also see people singing in their small boats. This is usually popular with couples or lovers, the one who steers the small boat usually sings beautiful love songs.

If you love to travel and have plans to go to Europe. Make sure you go and visit Vicenza, you’ll have a good time and seeing its beauty is absolutely worth it. Traveling is always fun, and seeing establishments that are historical are all amazing experience. Experiencing these things in your lifetime is indeed a diamond that’s worth cherishing. Having the chance to experience and travel through parts of the world will definitely lift heavy stones on from chest. Experience life and travel the beautiful city of Vicenza.

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