Understanding Millennial Characteristics in the Workplace

It wasn’t that long ago that the term “millennial” first surfaced and we all wondered what in the world it meant. And now, the millennial generation that we all know and love is the largest in the country and in the workplace.

For those born between 1980 and 2000, congratulations—you are part of the millennial generation! Whether you’re an employer or coworker who isn’t part of this ever-growing group of individuals, understanding the millennial generation can benefit the workplace in more than one way.

The Millennial Personality

Understanding millennials in the workplace can be a challenge, but did you know that there are surprising characteristics these individuals have that make them exceptional employees?

By knowing how millennials work, their thought process and motivations will significantly benefit their colleagues and employers. Some of the great millennial generation characteristics that benefit the workplace include:

  • Curiosity
  • Multi-tasking abilities
  • Dedication to social causes and work
  • Tech-savvy
  • Open to change
  • Problem solving skills

Employers, take note. Millennials want a relationship with their boss and thrive on feedback from managers. This generation values the advice and mentorship from those they work with and see as a leader in their industry. Having a work family is appreciated by many millennials.

Also, the feedback millennials receive from managers about their work is irreplaceable. So don’t wait for the mid-year review, give feedback in bite-size pieces on a more frequent basis.

An Asset to the Workplace

Marketing and building a stable relationship with this elite generation can be an excellent way for a business to improve policies and practices. And because many millennials value work and the ability to create new ways of doing things, employers will find that they stay happily engaged during work hours.

Keep the best people possible on your business team with development tools and growth opportunities from which millennials thrive. Embrace the wave of millennials in the workplace and see what they can do for you!