Triple A Games VS Indie Games

There are a lot of discussions or even debates that talk about which is better, Triple A games or Indie games. Normally, a budget for Triple A games won’t be lower than a million. In fact, the overall cost for Triple A games are worth millions. However, do triple A games have consistent quality? Sure, there are some games who do that but there are also other games that don’t. Sadly, there are some Triple A games of today that lack in quality. In contrast, most Indie games today have quality and truly worthy of the title of  “game” or “video game”.

Examples of Indie games that have great quality both in terms of gameplay and graphics are Journey and Brothers: A Tale of Two sons. These games only last 2-3 hours but the experience you’ll get in Journey and Brothers: Tale of Two Sons are priceless. It just proves that there are a lot of creative minds out their, even though they have low budget in developing games compared to Triple A games, they are able to create a quality experience to the gaming community.

On the other hand, there are Triple A games that have millions of dollars in budget but in the end, gives the gamers a mediocre game. A perfect example of a mediocre or bad game is Resident Evil 6. Some developers think that when a franchise is well known they can SCREW it and make money. So they won’t exert more effort in the game. That’s my honest opinion about the game. Much of an opinion, I think it’s also a factual because a lot of people dislike the game as well. Resident Evil 6 is more of a “FRUSTRATING” game. It seems that the people who developed the game didn’t care at all and just gave us a crappy game. They have poor gameplay mechanics. An example of that is the clunky controls and the never ending “Shooting”. The shooting mechanics are also clunky and the “cover system” is completely flawed. I would rather spend my full $60 in buying Indie games that have quality.

It seems sad that some Triple A games are really taking advantage of its “name” because of the popularity of the franchise. Developers must realize that gamers are not senile. We know when you give us crap. Hence, your sales will drop down. Resident Evil 6 was again a perfect example of  “QUANTITY OVER QUALITY”. The game is very long, but instead of having a good experience through these long hours, I experienced frustration. I even played and completed other games and I still haven’t finished Resident Evil 6.

Another example of a mediocre game is Darksiders 2, again it’s frustrating and annoying. Its puzzle elements are fun but I believe they over do it. In Darksiders 2 you control Death one of the four horseman of the apocalypse. It’s rather disappointing for such a cool character to keep on solving puzzles instead of killing demons and stuff.

Overall, It’s safe to say that Indie games today are improving in terms of gameplay, graphics and narrative as compared to other Triple A games. I realized that if you have limited resources and limited time or materials, you’ll do your best in creating something beautiful. That’s the reason why Indie games are well received because of sheer quality. I even wished that Indie games should have longer “hours of gameplay”. Games like Brothers: Tale of Two Sons could benefit from this and I also wish that Resident Evil 6 to have a shorter “hours of gameplay” since it has really repetitive and bad gameplay mechanics. Nonetheless, games are games at the end of the day. It just depends on the developers if they want to make quality over quantity or quantity over quality. We hope for quality over quantity with longer hours, now that’s an encouraging thought.

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