The Last of Us

The Last of Us has been one of Naughty Dog’s greatest achievements. Not only visually but as a video game itself. This amplifies the fact that Naught Dog is one of best video developers in the whole world. The Last of Us has to main protagonists, Joel and Ellie. Set on a post apocalyptic world, these main characters main goal is to survive and they’ll do anything ┬ájust to live another day. Joel is sort of a “mercenary” and would do “deals” from clients just to survive. One day, he was assigned to escort Ellie back to her home or “group”. Thus, this starts the adventure of these two characters in a world that’s infested with zombie like creatures. These “zombie” people were infected by an indigenous plant. The enemies in this game are pretty aggressive and scary. Depending on the level of their infection can they become more deadly.

An example of some enemies of the games are the “Clickers”. These filthy creatures are blind but they are very sensitive to sound. They make clicking sounds and they attack once they hear you. So, you must be very cautious and you must sneak past them if you have a chance. In case of a worst scenario, fight back and kill them. Doing melee attacks would do. The game also lets you combine items that you picked up. This feature is pretty handy because there are plenty of enemies around the area. You can make a Molotov out the materials that you can find. Aside from the zombie like infected enemies, you’ll also have human enemies. These guys are sometimes more dangerous than your zombie enemies simply because they can shoot you and kill you.

You must be prepared when you encounter these foes. Make sure you ready your gun and shoot these crazy people. Doing stealth attacks are quite effective too and it conserves you ammo. The game is pretty well done visually. Naughty Dog really pushed the PS3 in terms of graphics. Squeezing each power possible in order to create a vivid and realistic post apocalyptic setting. The gameplay is pretty easy and traditional. You control Joel in a third person perspective. You’ll be with Ellie as your mission is to escort her through the game. The game boasts quality but the one that really shines in the game is Joel and Ellie’s relationship. This too have sort of a father and daughter relationship, well not in the beginning of course. Play the game for yourself and be able to experience the strong narrative and fun gameplay of this mature game. It’s really worthy of your time and effort.

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