Top 10 Rappers

Rap music is a vocal style that is associated with hip-hop. Rap is among the four pillars of hip-hop culture. There are many rappers who indulge in this musical genre. The following rappers should be on every list of the greatest rappers.

1. Biggie Smalls

biggie smalls
This rapper had a distinctive flow that was never heard of in the early 90’s. His lyrics were relevant and he also had a one in a million style. When it comes to the mic, Biggie had charisma. Many people loved his songs because they felt that they connected to him. His music was all about the realities of life. Most of the rhymes were mainly about transforming from being poor to being rich, which most people hold as a dream. Just like other artists, his death increased his popularity and ever since his tracks are rated as classics. Actually, many artists look up to Biggie as an inspiration. He had been labeled a discoverer of the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

2. Tupac

Tupac, conceivably, is the one of the most popular rappers of all time He is known to have an extremely wide fan base. One thing that makes this legend to be rated as the greatest rap artist in history is how he reached into areas in the community where people could associate to his material especially the ghetto. He showed his passion for what he does on the mic and he never held anything back. His lyrics may not have been all that, but one could get a feel of what he is saying through his songs. The fact it that he grew up in a rugged environment and on the streets made his fans relate to him and understanding better what he was rapping about.

3. Lil Wayne

lil wayne
People dislike Wayne because of how he does things differently on his albums. He has been in the game of rap for a long period and won every possible award is worthy to win for rap music. This rapper has never lost skill. Wayne is a talented artist and he cannot simply be ignored. His lyrics may not be a story telling like, but he is a rap artist who can manipulate words and think totally outside of the box. His different game of rap shows the reason why he has many haters. Despite the fact that he is the most hated rapper known, you can take time to listen to his lyrics before talking trash about him. He has been rapping from a young age and is still successful.

4. Eminem

He is known for his best beats, best signing, best lyrics, and best voice. Both of his personalities, Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady are enticing to listen to His songs are suitable for whatever mood you are in Whether you need to be pumped up or you are in the best frame of mind. This greatest rapper’s life made him what he is today. So far, Eminem is the best rap artist alive and the greatest of all time The first three albums he revealed to his fans were a style never seen before. His lyrics, word play, and metaphors are the best ever. Being the first rapper to blow up from the underground combating ground makes him an iconic never to be forgotten in years to come. His songs always talk about the real issues of life.

5. Jay Z

This is one of the best rap artists still in the game and the most triumphant men in this universe. Learning the hard way from the streets, he struggled his way into a business person. It is through him that most of the greatest talents in the industry today have been discovered. He is the one that discovered Kanye West. Jay Z is in his 40’s and with a number of years, his lyrics have grown. Not many rappers have stayed relevant for such a long period. When listening to his songs, many people scratch their heads to the lyrics. His music has evolved to a place where it is almost an art.

6. Kanye West

This guy is not only a great rapper, but he is also a musician who has a crossover appeal. He is a very good producer too. These attributes are what makes him everyone’s favorite. Presently, Kanye is among the best rapper in the game. He has been an inspiration to those living the hard knock life. Although he is a college dropout, encountered late registration and graduation, he still sailed through. He blended hip-hop and soul music to make three classic albums. Even though he longer raps his previous tracks will be played and remember throughout the years. With such a discography, it is logic to rate Kanye as one of the top 10 rappers of all time

7. Macklemore

Many rappers talk about girls and drugs, but Macklemore write lyrics about having fun and things that concern today’s life. He is more that a rap artist, he is a storyteller. All his songs paint a realistic picture of what he is describing. The thing that defines him as one of the greatest rapper is his real lyrics that connect with people.

8. Drake

Of course, best-all-times rappers are associated with lyricism, which includes originality, sincerity in the rhymes and the best mode of delivery. With all these, consistency and production quality has to be in the limelight. Drake has all this in him. He makes music that is amazing to listen to The only reason why some people may overlook him is that fact that he also sings.

9. Krazie Bone


Definitely, he is the most talented artist in history. He has consistence in delivering rap verses of high quality and he is ranked as the best lyricist. Krazie Bone is a legend. Talent is one thing nobody can ape and this rap artist takes over the stage with all his songs. He is one of the rappers today that write meaningful lyrics.

10. Nas


He is an MC and not just a rapper. He also gives something to think about and this is because he knows how to bring discussions. Nas knows the hip-hop history and always a firm answer to today’s commercial rappers. He has influenced a lot of rappers today and is respected by many. He is among the rappers that made hip-hop a little bit different and better. He brought imagery and storytelling to hip-hop. Nas will remain a legend and an all time conscious rap artist. Who do you feel are the current best rappers in 2014 or even all time? Post your comments below.

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