The Hottest Places on Earth

When people start planning about their holiday escapades, all that runs through their minds is a series of the most exotic, refreshing and cool sceneries on earth. After the following review of the hottest places on earth you might be prompted to venture into finding out how the people of these places manage to put up with the extreme heat. There is one thing that is common in all this places: their beautiful landscape. Some of them even have a very rich historical background.

Badlands in Australia


This comes as a no surprise. Australia is known to be the driest continent that supports human life. The better part of it is a desert. Things get to the extreme during the dry period as there is not even a single cloud to hold back the scorching sun. The highest temperature that has been recorded here is 156.7 degrees Fahrenheit in the year 2003. Only a few people, who have adapted to these hot conditions, live in this place.

The Land of Dallol in Ethiopia

The Land of Dallol in Ethiopia

Dallol is a town found in the Afar Depression. No other place in the history of mankind has ever recorded a higher average annual temperature than Dallol. It held this record for seven consecutive years from 1960 to 1966. The town is on record for having recorded 94 degrees Fahrenheit as its minimum average annual temperature for the above stated period. The unbearable conditions can also be attributed to the fact that there are volcanically active mountains in the region. The heat does not seem to die down in this place. Despite all this, Dallol used to be a flourishing mining center with plenty of people working in the mines. This land is also blessed with hydrothermal deposits which are common in such like places. Consequently, there are very few people here especially in the volcanically active areas.

Flaming Mountains, China


The name alone is enough to drive home the message. Situated in Tian Shan Mountain range, the temperatures of this place are simply unbearable. The place earned its name due to the striking gullies that made it get extremely hot. This was a very long time ago and the gullies have since been reduced to red sandstone that look like a bright flame. The hot nature of the place can also be linked to the mountains found here, as they are undeniably very hot. According to a reading taken in 2008, the place recorded a historical 152.2 degrees Fahrenheit that was not recorded anywhere else that particular year. There is no human settlement in this area as it would be very difficult for them to survive for long.

Tirat Zvi, Israel


Tirat Zvi is found in the Beit She’m valley in the ancient Israel. The place has a lot of significant religious importance to the natives of this land. Despite the fact that this place is found near River Jordan, it does not prevent the scorching temperatures from reigning superior. This is so especially during the summer season. However, the natives of the place counter the scorching effects by swimming in the pools of water that are found in plenty here. Each household has a canopy shed to cover them when they can no longer find comfort in the pools. June 1942 was a historic year for this place as it recorded 129 degrees Fahrenheit unheard of anywhere in the history of Asia.

Death Valley, United States


This place puts the North American continent on the map as one of the hottest places on earth. It is located in California in the Mojave Desert. There is no other place on earth that has ever recorded direct temperatures as high as the one this place recorded in 2012. The reading was as high as 134 degrees. This valley has the capacity to support life since kit foxes and rodents are seen having their round of enjoyment at night when the temperatures are low. As expected, no human population is settled here since the conditions are not inviting and are unfriendly for future stay.

Timbuktu, Mali


Talk of the Trans Saharan Trade and Timbuktu is sure to feature as one of the crucial trade routes. As time goes by, the Sahara desert seems to be casting its spell over this historic land that is known to contain the world’s best collection of manuscripts. The place has a steady human population since the conditions have not reached the climax to warrant their take off.

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