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  • Fun Ways to Exercise and Explore Nature

    Fun Ways to Exercise and Explore Nature Every day, people make excuses not to go outside and explore the great outdoors. They say they don’t have time, they’re too busy, or it’s just not worth it. The few examples show how exercising outdoors is very beneficial for one’s physical and mental health. According to Jonathan

  • A Guide to Consistent Exercise

    A Guide to Consistent Exercise While most people are aware of the many benefits which come from a regular workout routine, very few people actually manage to break a sweat on a consistent basis. It’s all too tempting to push that snooze button several times in lieu of a morning sweat session. On average, it

  • How Exercise Improves My Mental Health

    5 Mental Benefits of Exercises We all know that exercises have many physical benefits, which include weight control, reduced risk of diabetes, lowering blood pressure, among many others. But have you ever thought about the mental benefits of exercises? Unknown to many, physical exercises eases depression symptoms, sharpens your memory, among many other benefits. The