Spring Cleaning

Benjamin Cory Harow is a tidy fellow, he enjoys his home and all things around him to be tidy and clean. He is not messy nor does he suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder; he just finds tidiness and cleanliness a must. Harow wants to express the importance of spring cleaning and its many benefits.

Yes, traditional cleaning that is done day in and day out will help the process along quite nicely but it does require a bit more effort and attention to detail. When the winter months approach, it becomes cooler, it gets darker more quickly and viruses start to eradicate even more than the months prior. People begin to tighten up their agendas too; work and back home again and then the occasional necessary grocery shopping or outing. They shut their doors and tighten their homes as they want to escape the brisk cool days and even cooler nights. As bacteria and dust accumulate through these cool and shut in days with the lack of fresh breeze and outdoor components to help filter the houses there is higher probability for sickness. So as the days become longer, warmer and a lot more enjoyable it is time for spring cleaning to help the filtration processes along. It is time to attack the sitting bacteria and dust and eliminate it from individuals homes to reduce the risk of illness. Like mentioned before spring cleaning is slightly more abrasive than the day to day cleaning routine.

It is time to open windows, grab the cleaning supplies and clean those hard to reach places. Pull out the refrigerator, scrub the bathtub, shampoo the carpets and throw out the old, flip the mattresses, etc. Thoroughly cleaning the carpets will reduce dust and dander; helping those with asthma and/or allergies. Cleaning the tub will reduce the chance for molds; ultimately reducing the chances of multiple different illnesses. Opening the windows and allowing fresh air in will help circulate the air that has been sitting for months allowing for the stuffiness to be removed and the freshness to fill the home. Allow the sunshine to radiate inside and consume as much surface area as possible; as this reduces the chance for bacteria to thrive and bedbugs to hide. Pull out the refrigerator as all people know this is where dust likes to hide; maybe mold and mildew too. While the refrigerators are pulled out look inside too; pull the old and in with the new, reducing the risk for food poisoning too.

Benjamin Cory Harow also suggests to always include the day to day cleaning with the spring cleaning; making sure to eliminate as much bacteria and dust as possible. Scrub the counter tops, spray disinfectant, let the animals out longer, air the home and enjoy the sunshine. With a little bit of hard work and understanding the importance of spring cleaning the days will brighten and the deep breath of fresh air will be right around the corner as spring is near.