Sergey Shnurov, one of the most successful content producers in Russia, is now general producer of the international Russian-language television channel RTVI. In his new position, Sergey will participate in the implementation of the channel’s key objective – uniting millions of Russian speakers around the world through topical content based on a common system of linguistic and cultural values.

“Throughout my life I’ve been working with the collective image of a Russian person, the topic of our mentality has always been the center of my attention. In my work, I try to maintain a connection between our culture and language. Leading the RTVI team, I plan to develop a platform for discussing the most pressing and relevant issues on the international agenda that directly affect the political and social life of Russian speakers around the world”, – said Sergey Shnurov.

As the new General Producer, Sergey Shnurov will develop the channel’s general creative strategy and will take part in creating new program concepts. He will also work on renewing RTVI’s positioning and promoting the brand.

“While working on expanding our business and increasing our audience, striving to keep the ties with Russian culture, we studied best practices and decided to create a new position and offer it to Sergey, who’s well known both in Russia and abroad. Sergey frequently visits countries with a high concentration of Russian-speakers and perfectly understands the mentality of our diaspora. We are sure that with Sergey coming on board RTVI will develop a new unique voice”, – said Mikayel Israelyan.

RTVI is an international Russian language multi-platform media with headquarters in New York. Founded in 2000, RTVI’s outreach is 225 million people. RTVI is a multimedia platform available through over 200 providers in 53 countries, including: USA, Canada, Israel, Belarus, European countries, Armenia, the Baltic countries and the former Soviet Union. RTVI bureaus are located in 13 cities around the world including New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Berlin, Riga, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Kiev, Tallinn, Paris, London and Vilnius.