How To Make Sure Your Dog Is Safe With CBD

The fact you’re reading this article will suggest that you already have somewhat of an understanding about how CBD can be beneficial to both humans and dogs. 

You may even be buying CBD treats from Relaxed Pup. 

But as with everything, you need to make sure your dog is safe when taking it. Here is my guide.

Why you should 

I just want to make clear, this article is not here to try and dissuade you from giving CBD to your dog, quite the opposite.

I understand that CBD has been proven to be hugely beneficial to both species. Firstly, it can improve your mental health, ideal if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety. It can also help to strengthen your immune system and act as a pain reliever. 

It’s popular among dogs who suffer from arthritis. But also dogs who might struggle to socialise with other dogs due to aggression or fear.


Let me make another thing very clear. 

When I say CBD is safe for dogs, I mean CBD is safe for dogs. 

That is not the same as saying Cannabis is safe for dogs. 

The other chemical contained in Cannabis is THC. This is the chemical that enables you to get high. Dogs do not understand what “high” is. And if they have THC, it can be very bad for them. So make sure you don’t give them Cannabis. 

All CBD treats will be baked using CBD oil, which enables your dog to get the benefits, without needing to get high. 

Vet’s advice

Whilst, CBD is generally safe for dogs. You should be aware that it might not be safe for your dog. 

Just as with people, there will be some who will react negatively to something harmless to the others. If you’re worried about this, talk to your vet about whether your dog might be an exception who is unable to have CBD. 

Ask your vet about how to make sure they take it safely, and how much is going to be enough to do what you want it to. Your vet will know more about this than some guy writing on the internet.

Stop if it doesn’t work 

If you give your dog CBD, and you find that it’s not doing what you had wanted it to do, you need to stop. 

Not only is continuing to do something ineffective going to be a waste of money, but it can also be harmful to your dog. 

Should CBD fail, you may have to look at some more conventional medicines so that your dog can get the help he needs. You may use it on multiple dogs and find that it works on most, but there’s one that it just doesn’t work on.


A bowl of fresh, clean water should always be there for your dog. But if they take CBD the amount of water they’ll be drinking will increase. 

Make sure that their water bowl is always topped up. And they never run out. Just make sure they’re drinking nice water, not puddle water. 

Even if your dog isn’t on CBD, you still need to make sure there is always enough water for them. Remember, they don’t have hands so they can’t go to the tap and get a glass of water for themselves. 

And make sure you’re drinking enough yourself too.


CBD is safe for dogs. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t make treats for dogs that contain CBD oil. 

But that is not to say you don’t need to take care! 

Make sure they’re only getting CBD and not THC. Talk to your vet if you’re unsure, stop it if it’s not working, and make sure he has more than enough water.