How to Grow Your Home-Based Digital Marketing Business

Digital marketers come in all shapes and sizes. There are those that run their own agencies while other work at some of the top companies in the world. Others battle against corporate giants from the comfort of home as they have assembled a team that spans the globe. Growing a home-based business will be based on revenue and income that is generated. Employee number and offerings do not matter unless they are profitable. Growing the business needs to be done carefully as quality of services should stay consistent to avoid alienating the current client base when adding new clients. The following are tips to grow your home-based digital marketing business as efficiently as possible.

Rent an Office Space/Build Office on Your Property

You might want to meet with clients in your office so renting or building an office on your property is important. You do not want to host a VP of marketing from a huge company in your kitchen or child’s playroom. A separate office space can allow for private discussions to be had as certain marketing campaigns require quite a bit of discretion. Craftsman sheds could be the answer as they can be delivered and are more affordable than building another concrete block structure.

Build a Team of Top Digital Marketing Freelancers

Freelancers are going to be the lifeblood of a number of digital marketing agencies. Being able to produce thousands of pieces of content in a small amount of time is essential for certain online retail giants. A team that can deliver the content by the deadline with few to no edits will keep the company coming back. Being able to track an exact amount of profit per piece allows a company to price their services accordingly. Renting out freelancers or employees is another common tactic that is used. Renting out a developer or web designer for a certain number of hours then taking money off of the top allows you to staff a position for your clients.

Invest in a Sales Team

Investing in a sales team can be done with freelancers as knowing the digital marketing landscape is imperative for this role. Certain sales professionals will be able to produce almost immediately due to current connections that they have. Digital marketing is a much small niche of business than many people imagine as a limited number of people have the skills to work at the top levels of the industry. Writing out a sales script needs to be done by a seasoned sales professional. Building a client base is about volume in digital marketing as all businesses need some form of digital marketing or another.

Do Not Be Afraid to Target a Company Due to being “Too Large”

Never avoid pitching a company due to being intimidated by the size of the company. Certain large companies started very small and are looking to work with small companies to give them a chance. This does not mean that you should accept a contract with a huge company that you will never be able to deliver. Set expectations realistically when landing a huge new client as setting expectations is far better than disappointing during the infancy of the relationship.

Grow your digital marketing business consistently with a focus on client experience. Client retention is one of the best ways to drive client number up month after month.