Razer Shows Off New Battlefield 4 Accessories

Razer showed its Battlefield 4 accessories to the public. Battlefield 4 will be out this coming October and a lot of people are excited in playing the game. We all know that the Battlefield series has been very widely received. Battlefield 3 itself was praised by many fans who love the franchise. Now, with Battlefield 4 just around the corner, the fans are highly excited and with this new accessories exclusively for the game, they will have a great experience. The accessories helps the player feel more comfortable each time they play the game. The aesthetic design and overall feel of these accessories will be boasting of quality. From the gaming mouse to the gaming headset, players will have a nice feel of “accuracy” with bonus of overall comfort.

Here’s some info:

“Razer showed off its upcoming range of brandedĀ Battlefield 4 accessories, which will launch alongside the game when it ships on October 29th. The lineup includes a branded version of its Taipan gaming mouse priced at $89.99, the BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard at $149.99, the Destructor 2 mouse mat at $39.99, as well as an iPhone 5 case for $19.99 and a messenger bag designed for 14-inch notebooks priced at $79.99. While not shown this week, Razer will also release a new BlackShark gaming headset, an analog headset that will cost $139.99.” -IGN

Nonetheless, if you’re into these than better save up or find a job. Battlefield 4 is indeed a very hyped up game. Shooter games have indeed evolved and improved, not only graphically but also in gameplay. Fans of the genre will certainly be looking forward to this. If you have a gaming PC rig and if your video card holds up, then try this game, especially if you love shooting games. For fans, buy these accessories and get ready for some pure and awesome gaming.

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