iPhone 6 Most Requested Features

People may have different suggestions on what they wish to see Apple do with a new iOS or iPhone. There are several responses from users and after taking out some of them there is still a list of worthwhile features. Below is the top 10 list of the iPhone 6 requested features from the iDevice users.

1. Style

Top of the most iPhone 6 requested features is that this new iPhone should not be just a simple refresh of the old iPhone. It requires a new panache, a new style and to be anything but a new slab of black and alloy rimmed glass. A new drastic design is not likely. Flexible, transparent and Roll out screens, bendable batteries and new materials such as carbon fibre and Kevlar are not simple technologies to include in a handset at the moment.

2. A variety of designs and collectibles

Users wish for individuality and Apple might be able to provide a variety of 50collectors editions’ with social or corporate branding and new covers. In no doubt, we all can slip over it an Iron Man cover, but what about Gucci or Versace with pearls and diamonds. Apple needs to start a customization program like the Motorola’s new X phone which allows clubs and corporates and to arrange small tradition runs. It needs to get back Objet d’art status.

3. Podcast App Redesign

Some people say that since the separation of the Podcast feature from the Music app, the entire experience has been rather dismal. Among the major issues some of the people say is that they feel that if Podcasts and Music were together it could have made the experience simpler. Also, this dedicated app takes a long time to load and to download.

4. Full Video Games

One of the most iPhone 6 requested features is that Apple should upgrade the next iDevices version to be strong enough to enable full video games such as Borderlands 2 or World of War craft. With Windows 8 tablets like Razer Edge and the Surface Pro making a push for the tablet-sized gaming, Apple ought to bite into this subject by making a number of deals with gaming companies so as to code variety of games for iDevices.

5. Screen size

4″ isn’t sufficient — 5″, 1080p is better. The bezel’s width— the surround of the screen depends on technology. Similar to Samsung, Apple is supposed to use active-matrix organic light emitting diode IAMOLED] that considers the thinnest bezel – e.g. a larger screen in a smaller body. Retina is good but is seen more like a marketing gimmick but not a standard like 1080p.

6. Offline Maps

The Drive apps that are in Nokia’s Lumia series are so great. Being able to download map information for offline use is incredibly helpful and ought to be a standard feature in all mobile phones, particularly the iPhone

7. Technology

Users don’t want to know whatever is under the bonnet. They just want to identify it works and, per se, it will need Bluetooth 4, NFC, USB and the usual collection of sensors. A file system to enable store external information would be good.

8. Auto-Airplane Mode

At times you even fail to realize you are in a bad cellular zone until your battery is about dry off. If the iPhone 6 can not receive a constant and stable connection subsequently it automatically should turn off features. If there is no cell tower in the place and roaming is turned off.

9. Lightning connector

There is just a single good thing to say regarding the proprietary connector — it does plugs in both ways. Its users’ are yearning for a normal micro USB connector which will transfer and charge data all at once. It would be simpler to make a lightning converter for people who own a legacy iPad or iPhone 5. The most requested features include a mini HDMI connector as well, for video out and maybe video in.

10. Less crippled apps

Customers have been critical at the level of crippled, free apps which are simply there to nag you to purchase the full version. Suggestion range from removing all the trial versions and allowing 1 month use of the full app before it’s disabled, initial app credit as part of the iPhone 6 purchase price to allow try before buying, a full apps credit subsequently uninstalled within 2 months, and a credit of 50% within 4 months. The aforementioned is a variety of analysts, and user, conjecture as to what features would make the new iPhone the phone it should be to knock off Samsung.

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