Providing Security For Your Brick And Mortar Business

Living in a digital age, it’s easy to turn your mind towards the cyber security steps your business needs to stay safe.  However, running a brick and mortar business creates a different sort of safety situation.  

Running a retail store presents a different set of security needs.  A more tangible approach to safety must be taken.  If you’re looking for ways to secure your brick and mortar establishment, take some time for research.  

Here is a brief compilation of a few ways you can take action to provide a safe and secure store location for yourself, your employees, and the customers.  

Nuts and bolts security

The physical security of your store is vital to the long term success of your operation, and there are plenty of ways to get the job done.  High tech deadbolt locks and high quality shutter doors are your first line of defense against after hour intruders.  

Window locking systems and high tech security glass can also be helpful when setting up security for your shop.  Making your building hard to get into is a great way to deter trouble.  

Signage can help 

You may doubt the power of a sign, but security signage is a simple and effective way to help deter a possible crime from being committed.  A big sign stating the property is under surveillance is not comforting for someone looking to do damage.  

Other sign statements that work well are “Protected By Video Camera Systems” and “You May Be Under surveillance.”  Letting unwanted visitors know that your establishment is serious about protecting the property can be very effective.  

Surveillance camera systems 

Not all businesses have the need or ability to stay open 24 hours a day, so you’ll need security in place for the times when there is no staff around.  Installing security cameras can really help you sleep more sound at night.  

When you have the ability to look in on your store at any time, you can appease any anxieties that plague you.  You can also attach your surveillance systems to 24 hour security services that will send authorities to your store if there’s ever an alarm triggered.  

Proper lighting as a deterrent

Providing proper lighting in the right places inside and outside of your business can work wonders for securing the store.  In your parking lot, you should have ample lighting, so there’s no room for crime under the cover of darkness.  

On the inside of your establishment, there should be lights on at all times.  Leaving a few lights on inside of your store when you leave for the day could help to avoid any trouble in the future.  

Hire live security guards

Not all places are best served by live security guards, but it is a viable and useful option for securing your brick and mortar business.  Hiring a trustworthy security company to protect your premises will assure that no trouble goes unnoticed.