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  • underwater city

    Top Ten Engineering Predictions For The Future

    [intro]A panel of engineering experts predictions suggest a future of cities built on top of water, farms on top of buildings and more. Engineering predictions for the future are some of the most interesting predictions because these predictions can mold our entire way of living in the future. We can actually see some of these

  • How our Brain Interprets Smell and Taste

    How our Sense of Smell Affects Taste [intro]Eating is an activity which involves the collective effort of taste, sight and smell. Therefore the smell of the food can influence its taste. Similarly, the color of the food or the look of the dish can change the taste of a meal. In most cases, something which

  • Tesla PowerWall

    Why Tesla’s Powerwall Battery Is Amazing

    Energy Storage for a Sustainable Home All of humanity wants a really important victory in our battle to lower the CO2 emissions that are causing climate change.  Not long ago Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk introduced the world to the power wall, a wall-mounted battery for your house which aims to accelerate our transition to clean

  • Ex-Machina

    Will Future AI Co-Exist with Humans?

    For over a century, futurists, authors, scientists and and maybe even the general public at some points may have postulated about a future with artificial intelligence – we may have asked ourselves: Will artificial intelligence (A.I.) ever dominate the future of our world? Hollywood has frequently experimented with their take on what an A.I. based

  • future babies

    Genetically Designed Babies May Not Be That Far Away.

    [intro]Would you rather have a perfect child from birth? In the future it may be as easy as approaching a healthcare counter. So, frankly, would you choose to have a genetically modified baby, a designer baby?[/intro] If you would, one genetic testing company in California is patented by the United States Patents Office to help

  • The Weird & Wonderful Mind of Nikola Tesla

    The Bizarre Mind of Nikola Tesla [intro]Nikola Tesla, a well renowned and respected physicist born in Smiljan, Croatia, in the 1800s, and contributed greatly to the world of physics, engineering, and development of science. These include but are not limited to: A.C. electric power, the hydro-electric power plant at Niagara Falls, the diffusion of power without

  • Wooly Mammoth

    Are Scientists About to Bring the Wooly Mammoth Back to Life?

    The Mammoth Walks Again [intro]We all know of mammoths. We have all seen pictures (or shall we call them paintings) of Wooly Mammoths being hunted by our distant caveman ancestors. And we have all thought – this looks exactly like an elephant, but for the fur! The last mammoth died thousands of years ago. Now

  • biohacks

    The Post Human Evolution

    [intro]Biohacking is the art of engaging biology with hacker ethic or it is the creation of strategies that exploit the system thinking, biology, science, self-experimentation and technology to let your body, mind and life optimization. Biohacking covers a wide range of practices as well as movements ranging from grinders designing and installing DIY body-enhancement including

  • genomics

    The Replacement Species

    In The Future We May All Be Replaced by Engineered Humans In recent years, there have been calls for an interdisciplinary approach to the understanding and evaluation of opportunities for enhancing humans. Technological advancements are being used to make the enhancement of the human species possible. They include present technologies such as information technology, biotechnology,