Marketing Your Business Online: 5 Helpful Hints

It’s hard to run a business without customers, making marketing a crucial piece of your operation’s framework.  Marketing is a constant in business, no matter the industry in which you operate, and the most efficient form of marketing is online.  

If you have yet to make the most of the tools you have for exposure online, it’s time to make a plan for the future.  Take the time to check out some of the best tips for marketing your business online, and get to work today.  

Build a great website

Your business website is ground zero for your digital marketing efforts.  Build a strong website, and you’ll have a great start on the internet.  Learn what design techniques are most influential on web users, and learn how to design for speed.  

A great website has simple navigation, lots of communication tools, high quality images and videos, and information on your operation’s products/services, for starters.  

Add a blog to your efforts

Boosting the amount of quality content your business uploads to the web will help to effectively boost your visibility.  If you create with care, a business blog can do a lot to draw the eyes of consumers.  

Make sure your blog is easy to find.  This freight handling service blog is a part of the company’s business website.  Design your blog pages for simplicity as well, and give readers a way to “share” your words with others on social media.  

Learn to create rankable content

Rankable content is when your digital pages rank at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages).  Ranking low in the SERPs means your pages won’t really be an option for inquisitive web users.  

Learn the ins and outs of SEO (search engine optimization) to help you become a more efficient designer.  SEO will teach you what Google’s search bots look for when indexing search results.  

Mobile optimization is important

Mobile optimization is an important part of ranking well in the SERPs, but it’s also important for pleasing web users.  Most web users utilize mobile devices to access pages of the internet, and your pages should be built to serve the majority.  

Mobile optimization means that mobile users have no issue twisting and turning their screens, and there is no pinching and swiping to view the text on your pages.  

Take the time for social media 

Marketing your business on social media is highly recommended.  Setup a few profiles on various platforms to give your business a starting point in the social media community.  

Keep your profile pages loaded with engaging and current information for consumers to explore, and respond to questions or comments left for your business.

Infographic created by Clover Network, a merchant services company