What To Look for To Determine a Good Delta 8 Product?

Do you wish to get high without worrying about anxiety or paranoia? One of the best ways is by trying out a high-quality Delta 8 product. A variation of this one is gaining popularity across the global market. But before you start consuming it, here are some essential facts for your reference.

About Delta-8-THC

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol is widely popular as Δ8THC. Delta-8-THC is one of the widespread cannabinoids that you can find in cannabis plants. It is famous as the popular THC’s younger sibling, a renowned psychoactive component found in the plant.

The product is formed within the cannabis plant only when there is the oxidation of delta-9 THC. Sometimes, some of these products convert into isomers with a similar molecular structure, Δ8THC.

Did you know that Δ8THC is often available in relatively low concentrations in the CBD hemp flowers? But one can extract it using cannabinoids and even transform it into concentrated forms for multiple utilities. Novice to these concepts? Do not worry. Here you will get detailed information about this product and know what to look for when you buy Highest-Quality Delta 8 Flower

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Factors to Determine a Good Delta 8 Product

You can determine whether a Delta 8 product is good or bad, depending on four factors – potency, clarity, brand, and color.  

  • A top-quality distillate will have either pale amber yellow or rose color. So, check it at the time of buying. Stay away from dark-colored distillates. 
  • Always opt for a renowned brand as they offer excellent quality distillate and proper documents to their customers. 
  • The distillate you are buying should be clear and free from any impurities or cloudiness. Refrain from getting any discolored or hazy Delta 8 products. 
  • Cannabinoid content of the ideal distillate should be 85-99.  So, do not forget to check the potency report offered by the laboratory. 

How to Use Delta-8 THC?

One can get Delta-8THC in distillate form as this product is present in meager amounts in cannabis plants. If you refine Delta-8 THC into a thick translucent liquid, it resembles the CBD distillate.

It is a multiple-step procedure where the plant needs to go through different levels of refinement, including extractions, followed by winterization and decarboxylation. Therefore, the THC distillate is widely available in syringes or cartridges and you can vaporize it utilizing a standard dab rig or weed pen.

You can also mix the distillate with the flower to increase the Δ8THC potency level. But there is limited evidence regarding the effects of delta-8 THC within the body. A few delta-8-THC infused oral tinctures are also obtainable, which are ideal for sublingual use. Delta-8 THC concentrates are suitable for vaping, dabbing, edibles, sublingual administration.

Can You Get High with Delta-8 THC?

According to some active cannabis users, you can get stoned with regular consumption of delta-8 THC. The results might differ depending on several factors. Many users feel that they do not get quite intoxicated with such consumption. It is psychoactive, but it’s intoxicating features are not like the Delta 9 THC.

Delta 8 works quite similarly to the CBD products. It binds to the CB-1 cannabinoid receptors that are actively present in the nervous system. The product tends to react differently as it comes with an altered molecular structure.

In many instances, consumers reported having non-sedative, anti-anxiety, and clear-headed effects on consuming these products. But the effects can differ according to the users and can be quite the opposite of delta-9 THC.

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Advantages of Using Delta-8 THC

Here are a few reasons why Delta-8 THC is gaining such immense popularity among cannabis hash users.

  1.  Inhibits Tumor Growth

According to research, Delta-8 THC is functional in slowing down the growth rate of tumors in the body. Along with that, other tumors have relatively shown sensitivity towards these THC and cannabinoid products.

  1.  Antiemetic

According to several tests, Delta-8 THC can reduce nausea symptoms with minimal side effects in consumers. Administering it in children aged from 3 to 13 years with different hematologic cancers and treated with antineoplastic drugs might be effective. And the side effects are negligible.

  1.  Increases Appetite

A 2004 study highlights that delta-8 THC can increase cognitive function and appetite in mice when consumed even in low doses. The drug can increase food consumption and enhance the intellectual attributes’ tendency without any cannabimimetic side effects. A low quantity of this product can be effective for weight disorder treatments with minimal side effects.

  1. Analgesic

Delta 8 products are also in demand as they show potential use in treating pain and inflammation. Many users have reported controlling their pain and inflammation with regular consumption of CBD and Delta 8 products.

  1. Neuroprotective Functions

A recent study conducted on mice demonstrates how Delta-8 products can also have specific neuroprotective properties. These are components of the cannabis plant, which has significant functions even with minute dosage.

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Is It Legal to Use Delta-8 THC Products?

Well, there is not a simple answer to this query. That is because the current Drug Enforcement Administration’s rule restates the DEA’s position that any CBD product produced synthetically is illegal. And it goes for the Delta-8 products as well. These are present in significantly lower amounts in natural forms. So, it is essential to produce them by converting the CBD with a chemical catalyst. Because of this catalyst use, DEA considers it “synthetically derived.”

Bottom Line

If you aim to use Delta-8 products, it is essential to identify the best variations depending on a few factors. Keep the points above in mind to get the best Delta 8 product on the market.

Fish That Eat Dead Skin

There are those of us who simply cannot live without getting a pedicure. And who can blame them? It’s a jungle out there, you don’t need to be part of the problem by having unsightly talons attached to your feet. But, in our efforts to find the most ‘alien’ way to get a pedicure, we discovered one way that has proven to be a little bit on the fishy side. We are talking about fish that eat dead skin.

Imagine having a school of one inch long fish swarming around your feet and simply nibbling away! The Gurra rufa, or fondly referred to as ‘doctor fish’, have a thing for eating people. Well, the dead skin off their feet anyway. The highly popular and quite frankly, a little strange fish pedicure fetish came up a few years back. This is back when if you weren’t serving your feet to some fish in the name of a pedicure then you weren’t allowed to vote.

A practice that started in the Middle East and the Far East, it found it’s way to the rest of the world and caught on like fish sticks. But it has recently come to light that this way of grooming just might not be as healthy and as chic as we all thought it was.

Why the ‘doctor fish’ might be making you sick

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease (and you know it is serious when these guys get involved) shows that the Gurra rufa species may be transferring some bacteria to their unassuming ‘main course’. Researchers say that the ‘doctor fish’ maybe playing host to colonies of a group of bacteria called ‘Streptococcus agalactiae’. That by itself may not be such a big deal considering the fact that many of us will not know what ‘Streptococcus agalactiae’ is. But they go on to explain further that this particular brand of bacteria can lead to pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis. All conditions that tend to make life a little ‘hectic’ to say the least.

The researchers said that water, the primary address associated with the ‘doctor fish’, is the perfect breeding ground for a host of ill meaning nasties such as bacteria. To add to that, the Gurra rufa have numerous types of bacteria that live on their scales. Further more, they tend to go to the bathroom in that water. Add that the tiny little mouths nibbling away at you and the smallest of cuts may lead to a little more than just another Sunday afternoon with the girls at the spa. You will need to see an actual doctor!

Although, truth be told, these health threats have remained incredibly theoretical, it is still highly advised (by the best doctors on the Planet), that the following people should not go for any of these spa treatments involving fish:

– People with compromised immunity due to HIV/AIDS
– People with medical condition like diabetes
– People with sores or skin cuts
– People who generally do not like getting eaten alive.

It may seem like a fun way to clean your feet but if you are not highly fond of bacteria and taking chances that involve getting bacterial infections, then you might want to steer clear of this kind of pedicure. Oh and if you also have no desire to have fish nibble on your feet…


The Weird & Wonderful Mind of Nikola Tesla

The Bizarre Mind of Nikola Tesla

[intro]Nikola Tesla, a well renowned and respected physicist born in Smiljan, Croatia, in the 1800s, and contributed greatly to the world of physics, engineering, and development of science. These include but are not limited to: A.C. electric power, the hydro-electric power plant at Niagara Falls, the diffusion of power without using wires, an early electric car, his famous works with Albert Einstein, and many more inventions. Although the numerous inventions of Nikola Tesla have been the most available written works about him, easily accessible to students in text books and studies at Universities, his psychological struggles were also plentiful, and should not go without mention.[/intro]

Social Shortcomings

Many people know of Nikola Tesla by the tangible contributions he has made, contributions which have impacted the world’s development, such as electricity, radio, and magnetic engineering, which many now see as the essential mechanisms life. While the genius mind of Nikola Tesla had many rewarding elements in which the human race has reaped massively positive gains, Tesla himself ultimately lacked business and social expertise, or strategies for profitable gain, as were produced by his counterparts such as Edison.

Ruminations of Tesla

Many people also do not realize that Tesla’s psychological struggles included components that psychiatrists today would analyze as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), a disorder that is classified today as a constituent on the Autism Spectrum Disorders. The bizarre mind of Tesla was privy to the number three for unknown reasons. For example, Tesla made a point to start his productivity at 3:00 every day. He frequently stayed in hotels, but only if the hotel rooms were of a number that were divisible by three. He repeatedly washed his hands to ward off germs that were also his obsession, by multiple of three, of course. He would never use the same towel more than once. Counting steps were also an unavoidable element of Tesla’s OCD type behaviors.

There is one characteristic of Tesla that scientists have yet to claim scientific explanations for in this century, and that is Tesla’s amazing heightened sensory side. Apparently Tesla could sense or ‘hear’ sounds from unfathomable distances away which would seem impossible based on the average human hearing range or brain for that matter. Unheard of, unfathomable, and simply disregarded as humanly possible by many. This level of sensory ability was possible by the scientific mind of Nikola Tesla.

While not said to posses superhero powers, it is unheard of that any average human hearing range or mind could possibly process or hear a small clock ticking from a large distance away, or a basic thunderstorm from over 500 miles away. In fact, hearing is actually an understatement of his ability to sense things, because not only was his auditory system hyper-stimulated or enhanced, but he also experienced other neurological stimulations.

A Heightened Mental State

As Tesla grew into his midlife phase, however  his ideas seemed to become more peculiar than scientific. The abstractness of his thinking was genuinely unfathomable at this point, such as his claims to be networking with other planets, and his work on a death ray that would protect American citizens from alien invasions. Many people may be unaware about the underlying factors of Tesla’s mental state and his mind, the quirks and bizarre entities that took place, which were a drive for Tesla’s successes, as well as a hindrance to his sanity and gave reference and rise to the mad scientist moniker.

He claimed he could travel, within his mind to other places around the world, where he would actually interact with other individuals who were real to him. One may philosophically proposition that this was a devised method of the bizarre mind of Nikola Tesla to compensate for his social struggles in real life or some futuristic view of time traveling . Or was this just a form of hallucinating, or a mere symptom of Schizophrenia?

It is quite possible he was able to use a higher percentage of the human brain’s capacity. After all, aren’t bizarre ways of thinking an essential piece of the genius mind? Let’s face it. Most people don’t have the mental ability  to think like people such as Tesla, and society needs them in order to apply imagination at such a profound level.

Perhaps the bizarre mind of Nikola Tesla should not be observed as a disorder, but rather an incredibly enhanced form of the imagination, or intelligence akin to Alien technology, a piece of Tesla’s increased sensations which are nothing less than incredible, rather than incredulous. The bizarre mind of Nikola Tesla was a miraculous work of art.

Later Years

While harboring an impeccable memory and explicit imagination with a profound level of intelligence, Nikola Tesla created astounding inventions which were serviceable to individuals and society. However, his social connections to the public appeared to start and end from behind the scenes.

Although Nikola lived well into his 80’s, a very long life for his time, it was also a life filled with isolation. He desired to eat alone, rather than with others, and avoided social events, societies or clubs; in fact it was obvious that Mr. Tesla came up short when trying to make effective social connections. He saw social interaction as a distraction to his work. Additionally, his undeniable fear of touch refrained him from developing any intimate relationship, and he remained a celibate an unmarried man throughout his entire life.

Bizarrely in fact, Tesla’s closest interpersonal relationship was with a bird, not a human: pigeons, which he depicted as supernatural beings. He ultimately passed away, leaving no written will for family or friends. In addition, what Tesla did leave behind were his ideas and inventions, rather than monetary gains, as he struggled to earn a decent living when he could have acquired much financial gain from his impeccable imagination

Although people today would label Tesla’s personality characteristics with disorders such as Autism, Schizophrenia, or OCD, using diagnostic methods of today, there are also mystifying pieces of Tesla to ponder, which are in lieu of the intelligence we all have come to respect and appreciate in science. But despite his social inadequacies, the bizarre but brilliant mind of Tesla should not fall short of recognition and gratitude from all of us.