Experts Corner: How American Hope Resources Helps Families across the USA

Many families in this country are faced with one challenge or the other: buying a new house, settling debts, learning something new, or even raising children. American Hope Resources is the initiative to assist with these needs, and the good news is that beneficiaries do not have to pay anything back, which is an added advantage.

American Hope Resources is an organization that helps families who are going through a difficult time to connect with others who are facing similar challenges. They aim to provide both moral support and resources for distressed families in their times of need. 

This short interview gives exposition to the mode of operation of the American Hope Resources and how the initiative has been able to render help to numerous families across the USA.

Who are the target clients of American Hope Resources?     

American Hope Resources ensures that all Hardship Victims in the United States have equal opportunities, regardless of tribe, race, nationality, gender, or religion. 

AHR is also dedicated to enhancing the well-being and social and economic growth of victims of adversity and their families. Therefore, the target clients are individuals or families who are citizens of the USA and currently undergoing financial difficulties.

How does American Hope Resources provide services to her clients?

The AHR has devised various means to ensure that the financial needs of most individuals and families are catered for. Some of the available resources to help sort bills include education, healthcare and insurance resources, housing resources, and legal assistance. 

The AHR staff is committed to providing individuals and their families with new programs on a daily basis. You’ll be eligible to get unique member-only notifications regarding available resources and programs as soon as you join AHR.

Since American Hope Resources is a nonprofit organization, how do you get funds to run the organization?

Yes, it is a non-profit making organization. The source of revenue is neither from the government nor any private institution. The primary source of revenue for running the organization is through the money generated from the placement of advertisements on our platforms.

All resources and products are made available to our clients for free.

To what extent has the American Hope resources helped families across the United States of America?

American hope resources have reached out to many financially handicapped families in America within the short timeframe of its establishment. In the coming years, the AHR strives to be the hope of more Americans in financial difficulties.

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What are some of the challenges you have faced so far in the course of carrying out your services?

The major challenge faced so far is a lack of awareness. Most Americans experiencing economic hardships in their families are still not aware of the American Hope Resources’ opportunities. 

The few aware of these offers and products are still skeptical about the initiative. In the coming years, we hope that the level of enlightenment will have increased.

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Travis Scott Opens Up About Astroworld Tragedy in an Exclusive Interview with Charlamagne Tha God

Travis Scott spoke out for the first time since the Astroworld tragedy in an exclusive interview with media mogul Charlamagne Tha God. Scott took the opportunity to break the silence over the incident with Charlamagne on his YouTube channel in an interview that aired on Dec 9.  

The interview showed Scott and Charlamagne discussing the tragedy at the Astroworld festival when a crowd rush during Travis’ performance led to the deaths of 10 individuals and the injury of several others that attended the event. The discussion reveals how the weeks following the event were an emotional roller coaster for Scott and all the affected families. Scott, who had a serious expression throughout the interview, spent nearly an hour going over the events that led to the tragic night as Charlamagne listened carefully and displayed a deep sensitivity towards the topic. A seasoned interviewer and veteran of the entertainment industry known for his honesty, Charlamagne asked the questions on everyone’s minds and gave Scott the opportunity to speak openly about what transpired. 

Charlamagne opened the floor with a question we were all eager to hear. “Let’s talk about that night, man. When did you find out things got as bad as they did? That’s the question everyone wants to know.” 

“Yeah, it wasn’t really until like minutes until the press conference until I figured out like exactly what happened,” Scott began. “You know, even after the show, you’re just kinda hearing things… but I didn’t hear the exact details until minutes before the press conference, but even at that moment, you kinda just like… ‘what?’ Like, you know, you just went through something and it’s just like ‘Wait? What? Hold on…”

Travis went on to add how he was unaware that anything had gone wrong during the concert. Recreating his own perspective for Charlamagne, he spoke about how everything amalgamates into one single stream on stage. You have lights, sounds, pyro, and in-ears alongside music, as well as the band playing. It becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between an excited crowd and one that may be calling for help. 

Charlamagne also questioned Travis about the raging culture prevalent at his concerts. 

“You know, raging…Raging has been a part of the culture for your shows. You didn’t on this night, but in the past, you’ve encouraged the type of energy that led to something like this happening,” he said. “Do you think that contributed to the energy of this night?”

Travis, after much thought, replied, saying, “Yeah, nah, I think…you know…it’s something I been working on for a while, of creating these experiences and trying to show experiences happening in a safe environment. As an artist, we trust professionals to make sure that you know, things happen and people leave safely, you know what I’m saying?”

He went on to say: “Raging is just a textbook definition, but in concerts, we’ve grown it to be just the experience of having fun. It’s not about just…‘Oh! Harm!’ It’s about letting go and having fun. Y’know, help others…y’know, love each other. It’s not about, just, y’know, harm…That’s not what it’s all about. The show isn’t just rambunctious for an hour, that’s not what it is.”

Charlamagne also asked the rapper about responsibility for the tragic occurrence at the concert. Although Travis refrained from mentioning anyone by name, he spoke about how an artist’s job was restricted to the creative process. This includes bringing other artists together and creatively producing the show. For the rest of the planning, he said, “You know, we just trust in the professionals to make sure people are taken care of and, you know, leaving safely. I can control what I can on the stage, and the professionals control what they can in the crowd.”

Scott’s facial expression wore a look of pensive mournfulness throughout Charlamagne’s line of questioning. His answers came after long purposeful pauses, especially when he was asked whether he believed he had done everything possible to help in the situation.

“Yes. Everything I physically can, I’m sure, yes,” he replied. 

Many people have called out Scott over the Astroworld incident and claimed that the tragedies were preventable. To assist their theories, they have cited Houston police chief Troy Finner’s concerns over the “energy” of the crowd. Upon Charlamagne’s questioning on the matter, Travis was adamant that this was merely an angle brought up by the media. 

“Well, I think that’s what the media said, but I think it read more so that [Finner] knew that our crowd was the type of crowd that comes with a heavy crowd, so to communicate with him if we were doing anything outside of the week’s itinerary, you know? That week we were doing a lot of charity stuff before the festival, so you know there’s security at most of the events, you know, but in that statement, I think he was just saying ‘If (you’re) doing anything outside of the itinerary, let me know,’ but it didn’t get to that point.”

The two also spoke about the devastating impact of the incident and the collective grief of the victims’ families. Healing from a tragedy of this scale is a lifelong battle, and people are still hurting from the loss. “You’re a father, you know. God forbid your kids are of age, they’re in a situation like this. Put yourself in those parents’ shoes right now. What would you wanna see come of this situation?” asked Charlamagne. 

“I would wanna see people put their heads together. I wanna see people… really figure this out. Not take this lightly, you know, and really act on it, because, you know, that’s one of the main things that’s important. They gotta just act on it, you can’t just be like something that happens and… just roll over. It’s gotta be something that’s taken seriously and addressed seriously and things formed around it… Time and a lotta time and a lotta… You know, thinking power spent on this you know and really fixing you know whatever system it is that needs to be fixed.”

Looking forward, Scott spoke about how he aimed to double up on all kinds of security at events and also use innovative technology solutions to provide a safer environment at concerts. “People come into these festivals with these bands that only scan you in. You have all types of tech now that can track your heart, track your oxygen levels if you feel sick,” he explained. “You can put these things on now if you get lost. There’s all types of ways that the band that only gives you access to entry to the line or to food trucks can save lives… I feel like there is a way.”

The interview ended gracefully by Charlamagne giving Scott a chance to reach out to his fans and send a message to them. 

Following the interview, it is clear that Charlamagne is a vital presence in the entertainment space. His ability to bring honesty and compassion to his conversation with Scott is one of the most recent examples of his versatility and integrity as an interviewer. Charlamagne has earned his place in the pantheon of the world’s most influential tv personalities, and rightfully so. For those of you less acquainted with Charlamagne Tha God, aka Lenard McKelvey; the Breakfast Club host has been at the forefront of addressing issues that carry weight for ordinary Americans.  His latest venture on Comedy Central, “Tha God’s Honest Truth,” is another attempt at delivering hard truths using deep dives, sketches, and social experiments. 

4 Tech Gadgets That Will Help Your Business

It’s no secret that there are many different types of tech gadgets that can help make things more convenient for you, both at home and at work. But if you are a business owner or manager, staying on top of advancements in technology is especially important because you might be able to try out new gadgets that will exponentially improve the way you run your business, helping you to keep costs down and increase sales and productivity. Here are 4 tech gadgets that will help your business.

Security Cameras

Security cameras may sound like nothing new, but there have been lots of advancements made and there are many brand new models available. Doorbell cameras have become quite popular for homeowners and business owners alike, and with good reason. They are available at a very low price point and offer incredible features and high-quality footage to help keep your mind at ease.

Do your research to decide which model of camera may be best for you, and keep your business safe by investing in one or more security cameras so that you can prevent theft or vandalism as well as avoid any threats to yourself or your staff.

Hiring Apps

Less of a gadget and more of just a general perk of advancements in technology, hiring apps are great for business owners in so many different capacities. You can use them to find new clients, hire staff, and even hire a cleaner to help keep your business clean and tidy.

Tracking Devices

Tracking devices are great for everyone because they help prevent losing all sorts of items from wallets to phones, keys, and even cars. Naturally, they are also very helpful when it comes to owning a business because you won’t have to worry about losing track of anything important ever again.

One of the best things about these tracking devices is that they are super affordable and very easy to attach and install using your smartphone. Pick one up for anything at your business that you can’t risk losing or having to replace.


Tablets are another gadget out there that can help streamline your business in so many different ways. Depending on what you need it for, you may choose to invest in just one or several different tablets. They can be used for running credit cards, placing orders, playing music, keeping track of spreadsheets, and so many other things – all in a much smaller and portable package than a computer.

You may think your business is doing great, but there are always things that can be improved so that you continue to be the best at what you do. Hopefully the gadgets on this list can help you on that journey!

3 Ways To Become A Better Songwriter

If you love music, whether this love started out as an appreciation for the lyrics themselves or for the complete sound of your favorite songs, you may have considered making music of your own at some point.

For some, making music can come easily. But for others, writing music can be a real challenge. If this is what you’re presently experiencing, here are three things you can do to help you become a better songwriter.

Create A Habit Of Consistent Writing

Songwriting, just like almost everything else, needs to be made a habit in order for it to be done effectively. If you only write a song when you feel the muse strike, you could have only a few pieces to show for yourself. But if you’re committed to creating your own music, you have to consistently put yourself in a position to write music.

Ideally, you should try to carve out time to write something everyday. And while this can seem like a big commitment, once you’ve gotten into the habit of sitting down and writing a song or working on a song each and everyday, you might soon find that you’re better able to turn your creativity on when you need it and put it to work for you.

Imitate When You Feel Stuck

As with all kinds of writing, it’s very common for people to get stuck during songwriting. While this can be discouraging, there are things you can do to help you get your creative juices flowing and get back on track.

One thing you might want to try is thinking back about songs or lyrics that you like from other artists. Then, you can try to create your own new song based on what you liked about those other songs.

By going outside of your own style and imitating something that someone else has done, you may be able to think differently about what you were trying to create and break something free in your own mind.

Build Your Song Around A Beloved Riff Or Hook

If you’ve been writing music for a while, you might have riffs or hooks that you love the sound of but haven’t found a way to include in any of your songs up to this point. When you have something like this, you may want to try building a new song completely around the riff or hook that you’ve been wanting to use.

As you use this piece of genius that you love to create a new song, you may find that songwriting comes a little easier for you since you’re already excited about the catchiest part of the song.

If you’re wanting to improve your songwriting ability, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.

4 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling

Ideally, everyone selling their home would sell it quickly, and it would be an easy stress-free, and frictionless process. However, more often than not, this is hardly the case. If this is your first time selling your home, then there are all sorts of things to learn. There are plenty of mistakes to make along the way, many of which can ultimately lead to your home not budging on the market. It’s this sounds like you, and you’re wondering why your home isn’t selling, then here are some of the reasons you might want to consider.

You Set Too High of a Price

Chances are you’re emotionally attached to your home, and you don’t want to sell it for less than what you feel its worth. However, what you feel your home is worth may not always be its actual worth. Make sure that you compare the price of your home with similar ones in your area, and priced accordingly. If your home is significantly priced higher than other homes in your area, then it better be for a good reason. People want a good deal— usually, they are only willing to pay above and beyond if there’s something unique about home. Ask yourself honestly whether your home is worthy of the price it’s set at.

You Didn’t Use a Realtor

DIY is the latest rage these days. And while it may be possible to do plenty of things DIY, selling your home is something better left to the professionals. First of all, it’s an enormous amount of work, so if you have a full-time job, it’s better to outsource the job to a realtor. They can do all of the hard work for you to increase your chances of your home selling much faster. Not to mention, they know all the important steps to take and can most likely negotiate with interested buyers much better than you can.

You Didn’t Post High-Quality Photos

Statistics show that homes with high-quality, crisp, and professional photos are much more likely to sell quickly than those that have amateur photos which are out of focus or badly centered. If you haphazardly took pictures of your home on your phone, then it may be the reason why your home isn’t budging. Consider investing in professional photographs that will showcase all the best parts of your home. It may be a small investment paying a professional photographer, however, it’s well worth it when you know your home will sell much faster.

Lack of Marketing

Posting your home for sale on one website isn’t always enough. Market yourself in all kinds of different places to make sure that you get the maximum visibility. The more places you post your home for sale, the more chances you have of finding the perfect buyer—it’s all a numbers game.

Does Your Deadbolt Lock Really Need to Be Replaced?

When it comes to home security, it all starts at the locks. If you don’t have locks for your doors, your home can never be secure no matter how many other measures you take! The thing about locks is that they’re not exactly a one size fits all kind of thing, you need to make sure that you’re using the right lock, which’s going to give you the right type of security for the space they’re being used in. For almost all entry points, it’s always best to have Deadbolt locks in place.

Deadbolt locks are some of the strongest locks that exist. However, their strength doesn’t mean that they’re forever. There comes a point where deadbolt locks need to be replaced, while other times, a simple repair can get the job done! In this post, we’re going to be going over the different scenarios you might find yourself in with your deadbolt lock and whether it really needs to be replaced in every case or not!

#1: You can’t turn the lock
If you’re constantly running into the problem of not being able to turn the lock, even with the right key, know that something is wrong with the lock itself. Now, this doesn’t automatically mean that it’s so far gone that it needs to be replaced, it might still be able to be fixed with a simple repair! Taking the lock apart, cleaning all the parts, and putting it back together again usually gets the job done. You could potentially do this even if you’ve never taken a lock apart and reinstalled it by doing it very slowly and keeping a track of where everything needs to go. If you can’t do that on your own, give  Locksmith Rochester NY, or a recommended locksmith in your local area a call and have them come and repair the lock for you! It should be done quickly and efficiently if a professional does it!

#2: Upgrading security of the home
If your deadbolt lock has been in place for a few years, you might find yourself confused if you should change it as part of your overall home security upgrades or not. If the lock is old enough that it’s starting to jam or has given you other problems, don’t think twice about getting it replaced with a more secure lock! However, if the lock still seems to be in good condition and hasn’t given you any trouble thus far, it might be a good idea to leave that out of the upgrades until it actually needs to be changed!

#3: The key no longer works
If your deadbolt lock has been in place for a long time, it’s possible that at some point the key might stop working. This could be the key not turning in the lock, sliding right out, or getting stuck inside. No matter what the case is, often it’s the key and not the lock that’s the problem. If your locks are clean and maintained properly, you might want to try getting a spare key made by a locksmith. Usually, the new key will work perfectly and the lock should go back to working normally, without you having to replace the lock!

#4: Improper Installation
If your lock wiggles around and has been giving you problems like not locking properly or getting stuck while being locked, it’s possible that the lock isn’t broken, it just hasn’t been installed properly in the first place! A misaligned lock will frequently malfunction, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be replaced. Taking apart the lock and reinstalling it, making sure that all the pieces fit properly should do the trick! If it doesn’t, improper installation was never the problem and you should look into one of the other things we’ve mentioned above that could be causing the issue!

History of Memorial Day

For many Americans, Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of summer marked by barbecues, family gatherings and pool openings. The day is sometimes looked upon as just another day to celebrate. However, it is a day that comes with a high price. A price paid in American lives in sacrifice to the freedoms and traditions for which its citizens are accustomed. Not to be confused with Veteran’s Day, the last Monday of May is dedicated to the men and women who gave their all for their country. After the Civil War, this day was known as Decoration Day. Started by a Civil war veteran, General John A. Logan, it has not been established when the change in name took place; however, this became a federal holiday in 1971. On the very first Decoration Day, the graves in Arlington National Cemetery were decorated in remembrance.

Growing up in the United States, Andrew Napolitano has witnessed many of the traditions associated with Memorial Day. Cities and towns scattered throughout the United States have dedicated parades each year to honor the fallen. Hometowns across the U.S. show gratitude with yellow ribbons, flags, flowers and wreaths, leaving a sense of oneness and overflowing patriotism in its wake. Other towns visit cemeteries in mass and pay tribute. A program titled “Wreaths Across America” accepts donations and ensures that every veteran grave has a wreath by coordinating ceremonies. Nationally, a moment of remembrance takes place at 3:00 p.m. local time for all to reflect upon the value of freedom. The displays of recognition simultaneously acknowledge the past in gratitude for the future.

America’s conflict-filled history and future is painted with the blood of its service members. Mothers, Daughters, Fathers, Sons, Aunts, Uncles, Wives and Husbands are deployed in vast numbers to this day. Its military has engaged in some of the deadliest conflicts in its pursuit of freedom. Current day, almost 970,000 veterans return from conflict with some sort of disability and some never return at all, leaving a gaping wound in the hearts of their loved ones. For each service member that is killed, there is a story and a life behind and outside of that uniform—a future that has been cut short for the greater cause. Not only is this day a tribute to those service members who lost their lives, but also to their families that pay the cost.

Though it is a somber occasion, it is still cause to celebrate. The United States is one of the world’s largest volunteer military organizations. The members of the United States Armed Forces are paid and receive benefits in serving. However, it is the belief that this is a country worth dying for that keeps many in its ranks. The military comprises nearly 1.4 million members. Many more will continue to enlist in service to the red, white and blue, and some will give their lives for it. This May, like the vast majority of fellow Americans, Andrew Napolitano will be honoring the American heroes who gave their lives, and also reflecting upon the cost of freedom.

What to Look Forward to Post Pandemic

People’s lives have changed since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic in late 2019. The pandemic has introduced new ways of doing things, and people are forced to practice social distancing, sanitizing and washing of hands frequently. Many countries across the globe have also been interrupted by learners told to stay at home. Other institutions have introduced learners to online training through cloud platforms like zoom. There is an increase in internet use, and people are discovering new ways of using internet platforms. This has also led to the introduction of other online gaming platforms and social media entities that provide entertainment to people during lockdowns.

With the advent of all these and people losing employment, a better tomorrow is what people are yearning for. There is the introduction of different types of coronavirus vaccines that have been developed by countries globally. Many see the light at the end of the tunnel because things are poised to return to normalcy soon. A question that lingers in many people, including Andrew Napolitano is, what will the post COVID-19 era look like?

People are anticipating doing many things that they have missed during the lockdown periods. Many people will probably go for more pampering sessions. This will include going for therapeutic sessions like visiting salons, barbershops, having dreadlocks done and general body massage and relaxations. Others are looking at going for outdoor activities like visiting the beaches and having some good family time.

People have had their meals served in the house, and it’s been a repeated habit that seems to be boring. Many will opt for eating out with the pandemic mitigated to have that favorable dish you have missed. Those who love clubbing will opt to have a night out to get fun that they have been missing all this while. Sporting events have been suspended due to the pandemic, and many people are yearning to go and watch that sporting activity they love. Many people will opt to take a vacation and travel to witness the changes in the world. If you missed a vacation due to the pandemic, you will likely book your next flight once the lockdowns are removed and the pandemic subsides.

Post pandemic, we shall probably see many healthcare workers taking a break off work because they have been overburden. We are likely to see some healthcare centers reduce operations to a minimum to stabilize the systems under stress due to the pandemic.

Andrew Napolitano is a veteran law scholar.. He is one of the youngest lifetime tenure judges to sit in the Supreme Court in New Jersey. Napolitano has also invested in agriculture and has a farm where he produces maple syrup. After the pandemic is over, he probably will visit a shooting range and partake in the sport. Post pandemic era will see many people taking into different sports fields to do what they love most.

Planning for Your Children’s Future  

Think about the impact a father has on their child’s development? Studies show that children are impacted immensely by the action or in-actions of their fathers. The studies also show that the actions whether good or bad can have extended effects on a child that manifest in adulthood.

 Findings from decades of research show that the father-child relationship is of great importance and significance. While adults might share the view that a father can be secondary in a child’s upbringing, children don’t share this view. As far as children are concerned, their dad’s care and affection are non-discretionary.

There is a Catholic priest that was once famously quoted saying that,” give me a child, and in 7 years I will give you a man”. Here, the priest is trying to say that the ways taught to a child till they reach the age of 7 will stay with the child into adulthood. It is, therefore, evident that children are like sponges. Parents, guardians, and caretakers should understand that kids tend to absorb everything from their surroundings. These could be mannerisms and vocabulary.

Fatherhood should have more parenting and less of playing catch. Dads also need to be proactive in their kid’s life. Being a role model is important. Parents who have healthy habits pass down those traits to their children. Cory Harow has a career in the field of medicine that he takes seriously like his professional career. The MD believes that parents should also teach their children how to function within society.

In addition to having a career in the field of emergency medicine, the proud father of four also served in the Israeli Defense Force. While the two professions are different, some of the basic core values that they teach are identical. The career in the army and emergency medicine instilled dedication, discipline, and empathy. Harow explains that these traits should be taught to children so that they can develop into fully functional adults.

We live in a technologically advanced world. These days, even children almost have unrestricted online access—something some people find unhealthy. Harow understands that the impact technology can have on a child, and this is why he allows his kids to access technology, but with limited screen time. The former military officer believes that doing this helps children to understand that technology is a tool, but not an extension of themselves.
Cory Harow knows that University education is important in safeguarding his children’s future. Besides taking his kids to the best schools, the father of four is also saving up for his kid’s college tuition with the hopes of securing admissions to leading institutions of higher education. University education is very important, and Harow believes that it is an important stepping stone to better career prospects. With a university education, the doctor is confident that kids will be on the right track to success.

Benefits of Going to Church

According to Father George Rutler, every individual needs to go to a place where they can pray to God in peace. To him, this place could only be in church. The church is a place of calm and joy, and that means it is medicine to the many pains and afflictions that people go through on earth. It is where any Christian gets biblical answers on some issues they go through every day.

What Are the Benefits of Going to Church for Catholics?

1. It Builds a Stronger Connection with God

Going to church and mainly attending the Holy mass allows every catholic to partake of the Lord’s table. This act helps a believer understand that God is with them and in them at all times. The wine reminds every believer of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for them.

2. It Helps a Believer Obtain the Mind of Christ

Going to church on an often basis helps a catholic understand the teachings of Christ. Jesus taught on keeping the mindset on what is above higher things. He also advised believers not to be conformed to the ways of the world. This means that every Catholic who finds time to go to church gets the like-mindedness of Christ and learns to live in His ways.

3. It Helps Believers Learn to Submit to the Will of God

The church is a place where there is divine help and intervention. Man, on the other hand, quickly falls short of the glory of God. Going to church, therefore, brings back the thoughts and obedience of man to God. God requires people to immerse themselves in His word and keep their thoughts pure. There is no better place to learn Christ’s teaching than in the church.

4. It Brings Peace and Guidance

According to Father George Rutler, it is only in a holy mass that you get to share peace with everyone without minding whether you know them or not. All believers get the opportunity to spread peace in Christ’s way. God’s word and the teachings of other leaders who have been in the faith for a long-time help guide believers. For example, Fathers have significantly been of help to many marriages since they offer counseling and spiritual guidance to couples. On the other hand, sisters remain an inspiration to young girls who want to serve God entirely.

5. It Helps Build the Community

A church helps bring the community together. It allows people to give and others to receive. The church does not only build peace among believers but also encourage people to be their brother’s keeper. Churches organize events such as church missions, sports, cleanups, and other activities, which helps the community develop as one strong team.

Bottom Line

The church is one of the most important things for a believer’s survival. There are uncountable benefits that come with it, such that the above-stated benefits are, but a few. Church helps people reconnect to their shared belief and improve on their spiritualism.