How New Technology by LifeWave Can Help Activate Stem Cells

It seems information about stem cells is everywhere these days. That’s with good reason since these unique cells hold remarkable potential for improving health and wellness as scientific understanding of them increases. However, even as understanding in the scientific community changes, there is still plenty of work to be done in educating everyday people in this exciting area of research. To help with this, we looked to the work being undertaken by LifeWave, a leading health and wellness company with innovative research directed at stem cells. Information on that work, coupled with a general overview of stem cell research, is a great first step to understanding this growing field.

Stem cell primer

Let’s start with a basic question — what are stem cells? Stem cells are cells that exist in every human body that have the unique ability to create other specialized cells with specific functions. Stem cells are highly dependent on their environmental context, along with other factors, to determine what type of cells they can form. For instance, a stem cell might divide to create a liver cell in one context, whereas that same stem cell might be able to form a heart cell in another context. The ability for stem cells to create such a wide variety of new cells, called daughter cells, is much of the reason for why they have become a focus of so much scientific research of late.

The daughter cells that are produced by stem cells have also become a focus of research since they can be used for so many different functions. Oftentimes these cells can become stem cells of their own, a process known as self-renewal. When these cells do become more specialized, the process is known as differentiation. The body’s ability to differentiate to create specialized cells is a key part of the growth we all undergo as humans. It’s also a major contributor to health and wellness. Due to this fact, the ability to harness stem cells and their ability to differentiate is seen by many as a key path towards improving wellbeing for large portions of the population.

Adult cells

When discussing stem cells, people often have a few misconceptions that prevent a full and in-depth understanding of this area of study. A key misunderstanding that has persisted for some time is that all stem cells are embryonic in nature. It is true that stem cells play a critical role in even the earliest stages of development, however, these cells are still present in our bodies throughout our adult years. In fact, most adult tissues have stem cells present within them to varying degrees. These cells help aid the body in regrowth and regeneration throughout our lives and play a key role in how we age.

Of course, like other parts of our body, these cells often become less effective as we get older. This can be seen in a variety of ways such as a typically reduced ability to recover from injury and illness as we reach advanced age. This has provoked plenty of research into our ability to help delay or reduce the aging process through the use of stem cell therapies. While some of these therapies are promising, most are still a-ways off from being utilized on a large scale.

Phototherapy patches

The newest product created by LifeWave, however, has shown a remarkable ability to take advantage of the health and wellness-promoting characteristics of stem cells. Known as the X39 patch, this newly patented product comes from the line of phototherapy patches that have helped propel the company to its status as a leader in the field of health and wellness. The technology utilizes reflected wavelengths of light to promote changes at the cellular level.

The concept of using light to create changes in the body is part of a long tradition of understanding how it can be used to promote health and wellness. Even before the scientific method was established, cultures understood the importance of sunshine in keeping a person fit and ready to deal with the difficulties of daily life. Modern science has underscored this idea. In fact, many conditions these days are treated through the use of light therapies such as exposure to ultraviolet, infrared, or natural light.

Stem cell activation

One of the key innovations that LifeWave has developed in connection with the X39 patch is the idea that we don’t need to transplant new stem cells into the body to benefit from the field’s potential. Though it’s true that these cells decline in their ability to promote health and wellness as they age, there are ways of slowing and perhaps even reversing that effect. The new patches from the company are one such method designed to achieve that goal. With the benefit of many clinical studies and decades of development, these patches have been shown to achieve a number of remarkable health and wellness outcomes.

Perhaps most impressive amongst these is the ability of the patches to improve energy and vitality to levels that many users haven’t seen since their youth. The patches have also been shown to provide pain relief, increased mental clarity, improved exercise recovery, and more. This is all accomplished by activating existing stem cells in the body to perform more effectively and efficiently. Through this process, these cells can return to a healthier, more youthful state of functioning and can better help people combat many of the deleterious effects of aging. In this way, the technology allows users to capitalize on much of the promise of stem cell research without resorting to costly and potentially dangerous procedures.

Stem cells have become a topic of much discussion of late. This is especially true as scientists delve further into research that uncovers a host of potential benefits from these unique cells. However, while the field is generally known by many, misconceptions of work in this area have served to confuse many people about their true potential. The above overview of this area of study along with a look at offerings from LifeWave should serve as a useful guide for those interested in this work. For more information on the field, look to LifeWave, the health and wellness company, and monitor its emerging research as it continues to be released.