Is The Media Hypocritical About Renewable Energy

As the media preaches about renewable energy and finding companies who don’t use sustainable ways, they seem to forget about themselves. It takes an overwhelming amount of electricity to run a broadcast/newsroom. The number of kilowatts used, the heat used, and bulbs used as lighting is actually ridiculous. Ken Kurson, a journalist, thinks that newsrooms should become more sustainable. 

Yes, the current set up of newsrooms is very practical for everyone in them. The lighting is great, teleprompters are always active, and electricity seems to be running twenty-four-seven. Well, that’s not environmentally friendly at all. During the day, reporters should use natural lighting and not as much makeup. All the plastic bottles, hairspray, and other makeup containers aren’t recyclable. So many active changes could happen to newsrooms if the dedication and directorship were found. The hundred and thousands of newsrooms around the world could really help with environmental change and support the climate. As Ken Kurson says, it may take a lot of convincing, but the world’s climate will be better off.