Is BarxBuddy Really The Best Anti-Barking Device? [2020 Review]

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When you have a dog in your home, they bring their personalities into your home as well. While some dogs may be easy and breezy, the truth is, most dogs have some sort of personality quirk. 

This could be something benign, but when it comes down to it, most dogs definitely have an unpleasant habit or two up their furry sleeve. Enter: excessive barking. 

Excessive barking can be a real headache, and can be tough to work with, because when your dog is barking, they’re not paying much attention to you. If you have a dog that excessively barks, and you’ve hit a dead end, there’s a new anti-barking device on the market you can try.

Called BarxBuddy anti-barking device, this is an all-around dog training device, that seems to work particularly well when it comes to excessive barking. We wanted to know: is BarxBuddy really the best anti-barking device on the market? Let’s dive into it.

What is BarxBuddy?

BarxBuddy uses ultrasonic technology to get your dog’s attention and interrupt their barking. When you press the button on BarxBuddy, the device emits a high-pitched tone, which is harmless to dogs, and not even audible to humans. This noise simply gets your dog’s attention, and when you have it, you have the perfect training opportunity. This is especially helpful when they’re barking non-stop, because that’s when it’s typically tough to get their attention.

BarxBuddy versus other anti-barking devices

When we’re looking at anti-barking devices, the market is actually not that great. Many of these devices, such as shock and prong collars, are actually not all that humane, and can easily be mishandled by humans. Plus, other options that use sound seem to be less effective and less affordable than BarxBuddy.

Perks of BarxBuddy

There are several pros of using BarxBuddy anti-barking device which makes it a great anti-barking device. Firstly, BarxBuddy allows you to be fully in control of the training, and also train consistently with other members of your household. 

So, in contrast, when you use an outside trainer or classes for training, your pup may be confused with who is the leader, and how to utilize that training inside the home. When you’re in charge of the training, you avoid any confusion, and everyone in your house can train consistently using the same methods.

Next, BarxBuddy makes it easy to make every moment a teaching moment. Your dog could misbehave at any moment, and if you have your BarxBuddy nearby, you can consistently train your dog during these times. 

For example, whenever your dog starts excessively barking, you can reach for your BarxBuddy and get their attention. You won’t be caught off-guard or be trying to incorporate difficult training techniques.

In general, BarxBuddy anti-barking device is portable, affordable, and effective. It makes it easy for every member of the family to use the same training methods across the board, which is definitely helpful for consistency.