3 Tips To Help You Quit Caffeine

I have never been a big caffeine drinker, but my older brother became addicted in College and had to fight hard to overcome his addiction. If you’ve found it hard to ween off caffeine or are looking for a couple tips to make it easier for you, here are the tips and tricks that he shared with me that helped him.

1.      Kratom. 

He chose to slowly decrease his caffeine percentages but found it hard to focus on classes, study late, and get good grades, because he had become so dependent on external chemicals to keep him awake. Because of this, he found Kratom for sale, and decided to try it out. Kratom is a natural accelerant that helps promote thinking and active endeavors. For him, it helped him stay focused and limited the headaches that he got from his drought of caffeine. Sometimes it can be difficult to find out where to buy Kratom, but just click on the link and it’ll take you to a reputable source.

2.      Fill your day with good activities. 

The more you sit around the more your body will tire and need a pick me up. If you’re active, engaged in activities, and keeping yourself busy, your body won’t feel the need for an external supplement but will instead begin once more to develop and produce the chemicals necessary to engage and participate in the tasks that have been thrown at it. Granted, this will take time, and the headaches, tiredness, and cravings will still come, but that’s natural until your body once more learns that it needs to take care of itself and won’t be able to rely on external sources of energy.

3.      Eat healthy foods and snacks. 

3 good meals a day can make all the difference. Like we just talked about, your body is once again trying to produce the chemicals necessary for you to stay awake and be productive. For this to be accomplished you need to be giving it as many good resources as it can handle. Not only should you be having 3 full meals that consist of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, but it also wouldn’t be a bad idea to have healthy snacks with you in case you get cravings. Carrot sticks, celery, dried fruits, and nuts are all great options. Even if you’re constantly eating these, they’ll only help your body but won’t let you gain weight.

Check out a few different sources to buy kratom, and integrating good activities and healthy meals will definitely help with caffeine dependency. Hopefully these tips helped! I wish you luck in your journey!