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  • Glam Your Creativity and Design Your Photo Book Your Way

    Nothing jogs your creativity like photobooks. From designing to choosing the ultimate cover to suit your story, you can be sure to have fun. However, having an exquisite design for your story can be a daunting task if you do not know how to design a photo book. MixBook’s custom templates give you the freedom

  • 5 Books to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

    It is no secret; if you wish to change or improve your lifestyle, there’s no better time than the present. It’s the end of what we know, a weary year. But the arrival of the new year brings new hope and a clean slate to start over. Try these books to achieve your new year’s

  • Online Trading Academy Adds Innovative Supply and Demand Tool to Digital Offerings

    Online Trading Academy, an award-winning worldwide financial education provider, has made substantial improvements to CliK®, its proprietary education and analysis platform, which will help students develop their ability to identify potential price changes for various assets.   OTA’s Mastermind students will now be able to benefit from the Supply and Demand Grid, or “the Grid”. The

  • Q3 Earnings Call With Richard Liu Shows Growth

    CEO Richard Liu held an earnings call for Q3 2020 on November 16, and much of what he said was positive. The following highlights show that has seen substantial growth in the past quarter and year.’s Customer Growth Leads to Positive Revenue Growth saw strong revenue and income growth, thanks largely to

  • Keeping Up With Shopping Priorities in ecommerce

    The current pandemic has caused a dramatic change in U.S shopping behavior in-store. Availability is now prioritized by shoppers over the quality of the product. Concerns about catching the virus and product shortages such as toilet paper have all caused the shift in priority. Store managers and owners should consider these new priorities and implement

  • SmileDirectClub’s Newest Hire Dr. Riddhi Gangolli Increases Dental Industry Awareness of Teledentistry

    Dr. Riddhi Gangolli educates dental professionals on SmileDirectClub’s market-defining telehealth platform. It’s been three months since the world-leading oral care company SmileDirectClub (SDC) appointed veteran dental professional Dr. Riddhi Gangolli as the company’s senior director of professional education and key opinion leader strategy. Since joining SDC, Dr. Gangolli has begun to educate industry professionals on

  • Samsung Biologics, Eli Lilly Partner for Delivery of COVID-19 Treatments

    As COVID-19 continues to impact the world and cause a number of serious concerns for at-risk populations, countries all over the world are trying to figure out how to stop the spread. There has been a race to the finish line for biopharmaceutical companies to develop treatments. In a recent announcement, Eli Lilly presented their

  • Top Cleaners You Should Learn About Before Spring Cleaning

    When you think of cleaning supplies, soap and water are the first materials that come to mind. While these items are crucial when it comes to keeping your environment sanitary, particularly for cleaning your body, they aren’t the only cleaners you should know about. Compressed Air Not everything can be cleaned with water, especially not

  • The Molekule Air Mini +

    Molekule Air Mini+ Review: Air Purification Meets Automation

    Wildfire season in the United States and Canada typically runs from August to November. As 2020’s wildfire season unfolds catastrophically throughout the United States, particularly on the West Coast, effective air purifiers are in increasingly high demand. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, a high likelihood that La Nina conditions continue into the winter

  • Benefits of College

    Going to college can be a very heightened experience. Many attend university, like Diego Ruiz Duran , because they want to further their education. Simply put, college is very common now as more and more jobs require it in the application process. It’s where students can get a world-renowned experience and open doors to many