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  • Can You Sue for a Slip and Fall Injury?

    Yes, you can sue for a slip and fall injury. Slip and fall accidents can lead to cuts, bruises, sprains, broken bones, head injuries, and other serious conditions. Recovering from a slip and fall injury can force you to take time off of work leading to lost wages and mounting medical bills. If the property

  • Is Hitting a Parked Car a Hit and Run?

    It happens to everyone. You’ve been rushing all day. It was a stressful day at work, and now you’re running by the grocery store and the pharmacy and you’re going to be late for dinner with the kids. You’re not looking very carefully and you end up bumping into a parked car as you’re leaving

  • Who Can Qualify for Social Security Disability in South Carolina?

    In South Carolina, you may be able to file to receive disability benefits if you are unable to work. The federal Social Security Administration collects money over your working life from your paychecks and then distributes that money back out to you and others when needed later on.  You can get some of that money

  • What Do I Do if Someone Hits My Car Without Insurance?

    If someone hits your car without insurance, you may still have opportunities to collect compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to your injuries. According to statistics compiled by the Insurance Research Council, about one in eight drivers in the U.S. were uninsured in 2015. The percentage of uninsured motorists has

  • Can Chiropractic Adjustments Be Harmful?

    According to a recent Gallup Panel, approximated 35 million people saw a chiropractor in the United States over the past year. Of those people, 77 percent described their treatment as effective. It is hard to argue with so much success, however, there are individuals who remain skeptical about the effectiveness and safety of chiropractic adjustments.

  • Top 5 Fertility Misconceptions

    When fertility issues arise, it can be easy to fall into the trap of believing misconceptions. For most of their lives, women and men alike hear an alarming amount of false ideas surrounding pregnancy and conception. If you’ve fallen for them, don’t worry. Here are the top five fertility myths debunked.  1. You’re Still Infertile

  • 7 Ways You Can Save Money and Energy This Summer

    While the frigid winter is the common culprit for high-energy expenses, people also use a fair share of electricity during the summer. Air conditioners are running almost all day long, electronics seem to be blasting from every corner of the house, and there’s seemingly never-ending summer laundry to do. Summer fun requires lots of work.

  • Girlfriends’ Getaway Trip Ideas

    With the weather getting warmer and the dreamy days of summer fast approaching, you and your closest friends are likely beginning to feel the travel itch. Who can blame you? After a long, seemingly endless winter, everyone starts to feel a little stir crazy. From the frigid Midwest (still recovering from its record-breaking polar vortex

  • How Grocery Stores Have to Evolve

    Throughout the years, grocery stores continue to evolve. Recently, there has been a rise in hot, ready-to-eat foods in most grocery stores. If you haven’t jumped on this trend yet, it’s important that you do. This is one way to reel in customers and to sell more food. Here are some trends that grocery store

  • How Work From Home Entrepreneurs Can Optimize Their Productivity

    Working is seen as the holy grail of professional life especially when you are working for yourself. This offers unparalleled freedom as you can work from nearly anywhere in the world with just a computer and internet connection. The drawback of being a work from home entrepreneur can be things like not having paid time