How to Stop Wasting Your Time

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Time is Money,” but most people procrastinate in many of our daily tasks. Procrastination is the process of not doing something and setting some other time to do it later. People procrastinate because of the following reasons.

• Feeling unwell – When people feel sick, they tend not to do much or even fail to achieve as expected. It leads to their bodies having fatigue due to a lack of proper eating habits and sleep deprivation. Failing to achieve their targets, they postpone the tasks to some other time later.

• Lack of dreams – People once they purpose to do something, they lack the knowledge about where the results will lead them. They fail to understand how helpful and impact the task has. Thus they lack the morale to accomplish the job and, in the long run, postpone it to some other time.

• People fear failing – By because they tend to have excuses and postpone the task to some other time later.

Understanding why people continue wasting time is good to know what they can do to stop this aspect for a better product tomorrow. Always have a time plan-by doing this, people can accomplish tasks as per the schedule. Have goals and deadlines to be achieved: People can do tasks within a stipulated time and know the results. Avoid distractions any time you are doing any tasks since this will lead to wastage of time. Here you achieve the results 100 %. Always keep away from tasks that allow wasting of time all the time. It calls for a change of environment to avoid this wastage, and productivity gets achieved.

Always take action in the progress of the task so that wastage of time can get eliminated. It occurs when anything arises. Systematically do things to ensure efficiency is achieved. Identify the areas or instances that you find yourself wasting time or postponing a task. By this, you can know how to handle when such an instance appears. It may also help you to assign another job if you reach the point you are wasting time on one task.

Shalom Lamm has ventured into real estate as a developer. He also serves as the CEO of Operation Benjamin, a nonprofit organization. The organizations focus much on preserving Jewish women and servicemen who lost lives in World War II.

He had the best natural desire to work towards helping the community in all ways. By this, they have proved that they spent a lot of time in social programs by running a successful profit-making business. However, they take it well when working towards social programs and feel they are doing the best in the world.

Shalom Lamm puts all his efforts into action to be mindful of the difference in his lifetime. He says it is good to do what fulfills the experience. So it is well advised to take what your heart desires and wishes to do. By doing this, you do your best and succeed very well.