How to Put a Pause in Your Career

How to Put a Pause in Your Career

In the haze of perpetual career advancement and ambition, it’s easy to forget the importance of understanding the needs of one’s physical self. This is especially true in today’s society, where many people operate on a 24/7 basis. At the same time, it may entail leaving one job and taking time to recover or allowing oneself to recuperate and restore needed energy. This can be done anytime, but when there is an impending sense of urgency for one’s livelihood. The following suggestions are offered to help one put a pause in their career.

1. Reassess one’s goals

If one takes time away from the workplace, they will have more time on their hands. Sometimes this allows for an opportunity to reassess one’s goals and direction in life. Once one has a firm grasp on the answers to these questions, it will help create a plan for what comes next.

2. Plan for the future

Once one has an idea of their future, the next step would be developing a plan. This could be as simple as seeing how many weeks of leave you have accrued or perhaps taking some medical break from work. According to pain management specialist Dr. Jordan Sudberg, taking a medical leave allows one to work out the problems, then return to work without dealing with them. In this way, you are forcing yourself to address the issues on time rather than postponing them until your career has ended.

3. Take time off before it’s needed

Taking time off before being forced into it can often be the difference between being able to return to normal activities or having to take leave due to health issues. Many people choose not to do this because they don’t think they will be able to resume their careers. Dr. Sudberg said that once one has taken some time off and things have returned to normal, they’ll feel better prepared and more confident.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no

Many people feel they are being taken advantage of when a boss asks for something not part of their job description. It is a common occurrence in our society where we feel obligated to do everything we can for our employers’ well-being, whether it be from the emotional or physical aspect. Understanding one’s limits and boundaries can make better decisions on things one can’t do. If it’s something you know you won’t be able to handle, then say no and move on to an area that can utilize your talents.

5. Take time to invest in relationships

Many people tend to take on extra work they don’t need to do, hoping they will get something out of it. This is a common occurrence as we live in a culture where we are continuously told that we must make money and pay our monthly bills. When this occurs, it can leave one feeling resentful or disappointed because it is almost as if our society has tricked us into believing that what we do for others matters less than just trying to survive each day. However, this can be a very healthy mindset and allows one to take time out of their day or week for other important things such as family and friends.

Dr. Jordan Sudberg believes that when people can relax and take some time for themselves, it can lead to better health. It’s also a great way to help develop one’s personality.