How to Become Talented in Sales

People so often do not believe that they have the right to succeed. However, to be a good salesperson, it is important to believe in success. Sounds unreal but it is true. People fail because they don’t program themselves to believe in success. Having a talent in sales is a tough skill to learn, so if one is timid and quiet, not pushy or quick with answers, make the necessary adjustments and learn how to build those skills in order to succeed. Say it over and over until it is set and accepted.


It takes a lot of drive and determination to go out and sell, either at street level or at meetings. Meeting with fellow sales people or customers is a hard time, but that is the time to prepare and to gain confidence. Know the product so well that questions can be answered easily and quickly. The customer will gain confidence. That is part of being determined to succeed.

Alexander Djerassi is a prime example of determination and having accepted success as an outcome for himself. He forged ahead forgoing surety to develop a career he believed in. Few people have that much faith.

Natural Talent

Some people are natural sales people. They have positive, outgoing personalities and usually they are well liked. They are strongly determined to win at whatever they do. The rest of us have to train the talents we have and we do have the talents. Even the timid, quiet person can succeed at sales if determined to win. If talking is not a strong point, listening probably is and that is an important part of selling. Talking is important, but listening is also so important. People want to be heard and appreciated.

When to Talk

There is a time in the sales spiel when it is necessary to shut up and let the customer talk. It is important to know when the customer is about to buy or will not buy. It is important to know so time is not wasted. This may sound a bit cutthroat but is wise.

Listen and see what the customer wants or is really communicating. People want to have a chance to have a say.

Winning or Losing

Careers have their ups and downs, there are days of loss and there are days of win. The job continues. A good salesman knows this and doesn’t respond negatively or over positively with either one. A dry spell will not last forever. A winning streak may be over today. It is important to continue and continue with determination.

 Alexander Djerassi wrote many articles and speeches and must have had much opposition to what he produced. He worked in high powered positions and with that always comes tension and much challenge. He moved forward and when the situation changed he changed with it to continue with his success.


It is most important to be committed to the job. There are other things to do in the world, but this is the job. Decide to do it at top quality.