Getting Proof That a Semi-Truck Was Responsible for an Accident

Semi-trucks are involved in thousands of accidents with passenger vehicles each year. These accidents are responsible for causing severe injuries to other drivers, as well as many fatalities. According to statistics from 2012, there are an average of 11 deaths each day from accidents with big trucks.

Hire an 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney To Help With Your Claim

With the frequent occurrence of accidents and injuries from crashes with 18-wheelers, there are several legal teams in the City of Houston and surrounding areas who specialize in handling big truck lawsuits. The laws for governing a semi-truck crash can be very different from those associated with accidents with other passenger cars. That is why it is so essential to hire a legal team that understands the complexity of these cases.

Finding Proof That the Semi Truck Driver Was at Fault

When it comes to filing a lawsuit against another driver, you must have as many facts as possible to help you build a strong case. Your truck crash lawyer in Houston can help you with this task. But any assistance you can provide to them will help you advance your case further along.

One of the most significant issues that trucking companies face is that these vehicles are on the road for an extended period and go a great distance for each run. Therefore, the truck must be maintained, and the driver must have the right amount of training. If you can establish that the company did not adequately train the driver, or that they did not get enough rest while on the road, which led to the accident occurring, this could help you with your proof. Making sure the driver is trained, and that the truck is properly maintained before they head out on the road are just a few things that the trucking company is responsible for.

Failure to follow through with these actions could help to guarantee that they are at fault for the accident. Gaining access to the logbook that the truck driver should have on them at all times is one of the best ways to prove who was at fault when it comes to a big truck accident.

If you were recently involved in an accident with a semi-truck and need legal advice, our team is here to help. Get in touch with our professionals today for more details on how to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.