How Work From Home Entrepreneurs Can Optimize Their Productivity

Working is seen as the holy grail of professional life especially when you are working for yourself. This offers unparalleled freedom as you can work from nearly anywhere in the world with just a computer and internet connection. The drawback of being a work from home entrepreneur can be things like not having paid time off and not earning when you do not work. Those people on salaries at regular jobs work for their 40 hours and know what they will be paid. Those that work for themselves from home are only going to make as much money as possible by optimizing their productivity. Being productive Monday to Friday can allow you to take weekends off or do a minimal amount of work during the weekend. You will need to recharge your professional batteries regardless of who you are so set yourself up for success by rejuvenating yourself on weekends. The following are tips for work from home entrepreneurs to make 2019 their most productive yet!

Keep Your Portfolio/Resume Updated

For those designers and writers that work from home it is important to keep an updated portfolio and resume at hand. Plenty of high tier publications want specific types of resumes in order to highlight experience that is going to be written about. Designers picking up contract jobs will want to have their portfolio on hand as nothing highlights expertise like completed projects. This can even be a part of a website if you have one (you should) as showing off work can help increase work that you pick up. This will help you save quite a bit of time that you otherwise would spend searching for files of related projects for client after client. Influencers can do the same thing by showing their impact of a post on a company that they have partnered with. Influencer marketing is all about ROI as well as increasing brand reach so having case studies of how you helped can help sell you to a brand.

Take Care Of Tasks That Can Be Done On “Autopilot” Last

Data entry if it is not going to be outsourced can be something that you do on “autopilot” after a bulk of the day’s work is done. This will take a bit of self-awareness though as you do not want to do client invoicing only to make a mistake that could take weeks to rectify in terms of payment. Responding to emails can be one of the toughest things for a freelancer or work from home entrepreneurs in terms of the time that it takes. Checking email once or twice every few hours can allow a person to stay on task as an email from an angry client can sidetrack even the most important of projects. If a client is having that large of an emergency they will most likely call you rather than wait around for an email response.

A Change In Scenery Can Do Wonders For Productivity

Those people that have children that will be home during the summer or during vacations from school might want to consider working outside of the home. Kids of all ages can be quite a distraction especially if an important deadline is approaching. Going to a coffee shop is quite popular while other people work at a restaurant so they can eat lunch while getting distraction-free work done. This does not mean to venture somewhere different daily but rather have a few locations that you consider perfect to get the most amount of work done possible.

Use A Time Tracker So Daily Agenda Planning Can Be Done Accurately

Getting discouraged due to not completing everything on your agenda can lead to issues with confidence or negative feelings about what was accomplished during the day. This can put a person in a rut so setting a realistic agenda could not be more important. Use some kind of time tracking system during an average day of work to see how long certain tasks take. A writer would see how long a normal 1000 word article takes so they could plan to do a specific number in a day. This also can help dictate workload and whether you will be accepting new clients or you have a full schedule. Those people that cannot complete anymore work after optimizing can save time due to lack of need to reach out to create new business relationships.

Those that work from home can earn far more than ever before simply with a few tweaks in routine that will optimize productivity. Maximize your monthly income and continually try to improve to see your business transform!