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Everything about a Breitling Emergency wrist watch is Avant garde. This watch series was first launched in 1995. Thereafter, several models have been released under this series such as mission, super-quartz, orbiter 3, etc. Many of these have been discontinued and new models have been released instead. Some of these such as the Orbiter 3 are limited editions, and therefore exclusive and expensive. Even the discontinued products and pre-owned watches have good resale values because Breitling Emergency watches last for a lifetime. Though primarily designed for outdoors and extreme sports such as mountaineering, hiking, trekking, diving, paragliding, etc… Breitling watches look equally stylish for indoor usage. Many of these watches are designed for men, but there are quite a few that are unisex.

Breitling is a Swiss watch making company renowned primarily for precision in its watches and chronometers. All its chronometers come with certification from the company for their quality. As the name suggests, Breitling Emergency watches are for emergencies. The emergencies in this context means people being stranded without any means of transport for returning home, and without any way to use their cell phones either because they do not have a device with them, or because there is no network around, or charge in the cell. Breitling Emergency watch can be used in such situations for sending a distress signal. This distress beacon is sent using radio waves bands at frequency of121.5 MHz, which is conventionally, reserved for emergencies under civil aviation protocols.

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A special emergency location transmitter is integrated within these premium watches for such radio transmission. The distress signal from this transmitter is often captured and relayed through COSPAS SARSAT, which is an international organization engaged in searching, locating, and rescuing people with the help of satellites. However, the primary intention is to let any aeronautical, maritime, or other radio signal capturing device on land become aware of such stranded person’s location. Diameter of Breitling Emergency watch’s case is usually as large as 41mm and more both case back and crown may be screw down varieties. Bezel of the Breitling Emergency watch is impressive with series of numbers and compass points on it, giving it a sophisticated yet technical look. It may rotate in either direction. Usually, the case and bracelet of these watches is made from titanium, though in many models, user has the choice to opt for bracelets and / or cases made from other materials such as steel, crocodile skin, rubber, yellow gold, and white gold. The buckle material may accordingly be made from steel, gold, etc.

However, usually, fold clasps are provided in these watches. The case made from titanium is considerably light in weight, but its special design and molding process makes it extremely strong. A sapphire glass is affixed within this watch’s case frame. Sapphire glass is known to be very hard to break or scratch, apart from being very transparent. The main dial is larger when compared to most of the watches in the market. This makes it easier to read the numbers on this dial. There is choice in dial colors, and numerals as well Choices of dial colors include conventional black, charcoal gray, and white, apart from more modern colors such as bright yellow, and orange. These quartz watches usually have automatic movement. There are, however, Breitling Emergency watches including analog mechanism. Some of these watches also include digital display. Others may have chronometer, and smaller dial showing seconds.

The battery used in Breitling Emergency wrist watch is usually rechargeable. In addition, there may be a charger built in as well Functional capabilities of Breitling Emergency watches include traditional functions such as watch movements, chronographs, date, chiming clock, annual calendar, alarm, and perpetual calendar. Time zone of another city or place can also be known from these watches. Though most of the watches are water proof till 30 m, there are special Breitling Emergency watches which are exclusively made for diving, surfing, deep sea swimming, snorkeling, etc.

These watches are waterproof, even till depths of 100m. However, not all models of Breitling Emergency watches include all these features. The major attraction of Breitling Emergency watch is of course it’s ELT, i.e., emergency location transmission capability, which feature is common across all the models under Breitling Emergency watch series. Since Breitling Emergency watch is a high end watch, its price varies anywhere between 2,000 to 19,900 Euros, depending upon the material used to make the case, straps, and buckles as well as features and exclusivity. A more advanced version of the 1995 Breitling Emergency watch was recently introduced in the market. It marks the beginning of Emergency ll series. This watch has two sets of distress beacons, i.e., one similar to the previous Emergency watches, and one that is captured by satellites. For sending message to satellites, Emergency ll watch uses 406.04 MHz frequency.




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