Big Building Design Technology

Architectural design is an age old practice, but the tools builders have to work with have come an awful long way over the years.  Today’s big buildings are cooler than ever, with technology running through every piece of the build.  

New growth is exciting when you know how new technology can make it better than ever before.  A strong foundation is vital for a long lasting design, and technology has made it more interesting than you may have thought possible.  

Take a moment now to read through this brief compilation of a few pieces of building technology that will blow your mind, and be amazed at what tech has achieved over time.    

Solar absorbing windows 

Technology has helped the world gain big steps towards sustainability, and the development of solar power is one of the most beneficial tools we now have at our disposal.  Builders are now designing huge buildings powered entirely on the energy of the sun.  

Self-sustained buildings that don’t pull from the main energy grid are extremely efficient in a number of ways for business owners and the professionals who work for those businesses.  

Built-in wind turbines 

The concept and function of wind turbines is old technology, but the new age implementation of the concept is mind-blowing.  The Bahrain World Trade Center is a wonder of modern architecture and design. 

The building is two large structures with three enormous wind turbines built into the middle connecting the structures.  The wind turbines catch the power of the breeze throughout the day and night to power the whole building… and it’s a huge building.  

Base isolation technology 

Apple’s new building in Silicon Valley is one of the most spectacular examples of base isolation technology in action.  The large circular complex is full of exciting technology, and you would expect nothing less from a tech giant like Apple.  

The base isolation technology built into the foundation of the design allows the building to move up to four feet in any direction in the event of an earthquake.  

Transforming stadiums 

Imagine a sports stadium that can literally transform into the right type of setup for several different games.  Well, it exists.  

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium features just the right technology to host soccer and football games with no issue to the setup.  The stadium has the ability to uproot masses of seats, and move the seats to a more desirable setup for the game being hosted.  

The invisible skyscraper 

You would think a skyscraper would be built to be seen, but the Tower Infinity was built to blend into the skyline.  The technology used in the design of this building is nothing short of mind-blowing.  

The building is fitted with 500 rows of LED screens that work to project with precision the scene around the building, making the building seemingly disappear into the horizon.