Best New York Slices

What makes a New York pizza so different from any other pizza? Well, answers vary by person but there are a few things everyone, including New Yorker Andrew Napolitano, loves – the crispy, hand-tossed crust, the wood-fired brick ovens that produce a one-of-a-kind flavor, and the thin, foldable slice that is so easy to enjoy. Of course, New Yorkers know the best places to find authentic Italian slices.

Start with Best Pizza, in Brooklyn. Here loyal customers can find pies that come from a wood-burning oven that is over a century old. Sicilian roots help owner Frank Pinello to craft cheese and white pizzas with all of the traditional yummy toppings. Grab a slice of your favorite and add toppings like caramelized onions or pickled veggies for an added punch. There’s a reason this joint is called ‘Best Pizza’.

Okay, so who really knows pizza better than the Italians who invented it? Joe Pozzouli, the owner of Joe’s Pizza, is originally from Naples, Italy – the birthplace of the famed pie. There are no frou-frou pizza pies in this place. Just honest-to-goodness ooey-gooey cheese, mozzarella and Sicilian square pizza slices. You can add your favorite toppings, but true New Yorkers love the simple, wedge-shaped slice. Large, hot and cheesy pizza at it’s finest is found at Joe’s Pizza.

Nothing beats the original and that includes pizzeria’s. Lombardi’s is heralded as the first American pizzeria. It still stands in the Little Italy section of Manhattan, serving up the New York pizza that was invented here in 1905. This is the favorite pizzeria of Andrew Napolitano, and with good reason. Smoky crusts, ultra thin and flavored with garlic infused oil or freshly crushed tomato sauce, can be embellished with basil, fresh oregano, and Romano cheese. There are also specialty pizzas like the Clam pie or the Spinach, Ricotta and Pancetta pie for those who like a little zing with their slice. The flavors, fresh ingredients, and love that Gennaro Lombardi used to craft his pies in 1905 are still being put into every slice that is proudly served to New Yorkers and visitors today.

Come and see why the people love the truly New York delicacy of a hot, thin-crust, slice of pizza made by these and other fabulous pizzerias.