Best Bagel Shops in NY

There are dozens of bagel shops in New York. Each of which offers a slightly different spin on this traditional New York City food staple. Bagel shops are everywhere. You can go to any town or city and find one, but whether they are chains or mom and pops, they cannot compete with the range and variety offered in New York.

1.Bo’s Bagels

This bagel shop can be found on W. 116th St. Bo’s is also the personal favorite of Shalom Lamm, putting it at the top of our list. Bo’s offers traditional bagels with a 24-hour fermentation, boil, and bake. along with specialty sandwiches.

2. Absolute Bagels 

Right on Broadway, these huge and reasonably priced bagels can also be delivered. Their everything bagel brings lines out of the door. 

3. Bagel Talk 

Bagel Talk features a variety of sandwiches and is open until 8:00p.m. on Amsterdam Avenue. It is perfect for those evening breakfast cravings. 

4. Tal Bagels

On E. 86th St, you will find Tal Bagels. Tal’s menu includes many flavors of cream cheese, along with lox, nova, and smoked salmon. Tal’s is also known for its incredibly fast service and serving breakfast for dinner. This is another shop Shalom Lamm enjoys visiting. 

5. Bagelworks 

 Bagelworks offers other Jewish-style specialties like knishes and black and white cookies. There are also plenty of Kosher meat options for their Jewish customers. 

6. Ess-a-Bagel 

This place can be found on 3rd Ave. with another location in Midtown. This classic New York style bagel shop has been open for more than 45 years, offering chewy-crusted bagels. If you have a quick order of just a bagel with cream cheese, there is a second line behind the building. 

7. Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee Company

 Brooklyn’s can’t actually be found in Brooklyn, there are four locations in Queens and Manhattan instead. Even though the name can be misleading, the breakfast food is definitely worth the trip. 

8. High Street  

High Street’s bespoke bagels are well known for their chewy and tender dough. Once customers walk in and smell the fresh bread, they fall in love.

9. Murry’s Bagels 

Located on 6th Ave., with a second location in Chelsea. These bagels are described as having a crackly crust and chewy interior. Murry’s offers a variety of meats with its bagels, including pastrami, salami, and chicken cutlets. 

10. Thompkins Square Bagels 

Found on 165th Ave. Known for its rainbow colored bagels, and a huge variety of cream cheese flavors. Thompkins offers an extensive menu with many options to suit every meal and every person. 

11. Sadelle’s 

Right on West Broadway Sadelle’s is most well known for its salt and pepper bagels. This unique spin might sway even the most ardent of bagel purists.  

12. Forest Hills Bagel 

Finally, the twelfth and last New York bagel spot on our list on Queens Blvd. Forest Hills. This place is known for its cinnamon raisin for those who enjoy sweet bagels, poppy and sesame bagels, and a whipped tofu spread.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional bagels or you want the taste of something new, there is a bagel shop in New York for everyone.