4 Things You Should Know About Buying a Juul Skin

A juul is an electronic cigarette that was designed for people that want to quit smoking.  Juul skin is a coat that is fixed on top of the device to make it have a different outlook. In fact, juul skins come in different colors and imprints. It’s about your individual preference. You can actually opt for any juul design including cartoon characters, animal images or military combat colors among many others. However, most e-cigarette users don’t know much about these skins. The list below is meant for enlightening you on buying a juul skin.

  1. They are used with Juul Device

Skins are generally used for concealing e-cigarettes. When your juul is covered by a skin, you can vape anywhere discreetly without attracting unwanted attention. The good thing is that juuls don’t smell like traditional cigarettes because they are enriched with smelling scents. However, the skin can only be useful when it’s used with a device. Buying the skin without first investing in juul device is like buying shoe polish when you don’t own a pair of leather shoes. Ideally, it’s recommended you first buy a juul device and then budget for a skin later. In fact, a juul is sold separately from skin. The good thing is that most stores that deal in juul also stock skins to give their customers an added advantage.

  1. Built to Last

The skins that are used in covering juul have an extended life span. This is because they are made from rubber and nylon materials. As a matter of fact, the skin is one of those stuff that you buy and forget. However, when the skin wears out, it can’t be mended. Some users prefer to replace their skin when they get a new juul. Besides that, there are those that buy several skins because they like switching to different designs for the sake of spicing up their experience.

  1. They are Easy to Use

The skin of a juul is designed to be easy to use. You therefore don’t need any skills to be able to fix it on your juul because it stretches to conform to the shape of your device. In fact, you can fix it without referring to the user manual. Once you get your package, you just place the skin on one end and pull until it fits tightly. The skin actually fits nicely such that it can’t come off when the device falls on a hard surface. The other advantage is that it prevents the device from shuttering due to impact of falling on a hard surface. It also enhances the device’s resistance to water.

  1. They can only be Bought by Adults

The government prohibits selling juul and skins to persons under the age of 18. When shopping for your skin, you should be ready to produce your ID because some stores will ask you to proof that you are not below the prohibited age. But if you want to cheat the system, you should consider buying the skin on the internet because it’s easier and convenient. There are actually many online stores that trade in juul products. You can therefore buy the skin without straining your pockets.