3 Creative Date Ideas Every Jersey Girl Would Enjoy

Impressing a date with an amazing time is easier said than done. Dinner and a movie might feel like a safe bet, but even for a first date, such a cliché can get a bit monotonous. Make your date from Jersey feel special by taking her somewhere amazing in her home state.

If you’re dating in New Jersey, there are a ton of date spots to consider. Girls love to be taken somewhere new and exciting, especially if it is a place close to their home that they may have been overlooking. We made a list of some amazing ideas for an unforgettable date in New Jersey. These ideas might even make it worth traveling to the Garden State.


  • Going Dancing


Dancing is a fantastic date idea because you can work off the dinner you just ate, and because most people love to dance regardless of how good they are. Dancing is a great way to let loose, laugh, and learn something new about your partner. Dancing is a first date idea that allows you to see how someone moves, and it opens the discussion about music taste, which is important to many people when dating. Dancing is all about movement, which can also help you understand whether they are having fun, nervous, into you or not. Dance classes offer you skills that you can practice together at a different time.

If you’re interested in this date night idea, look for studios that offer dance classes in New Jersey for beginners or miniature dance bootcamps. It’s best to find something that is not too much of a commitment. If you and your significant other are looking to learn something new together, a weekly dance class might be your best option.


  • The Endless Entertainment Options in Jersey  


There are some amazing museums and galleries in New Jersey that your date probably has probably never visited before. There is nothing like going on a date and learning something new or looking at art. Manhattan may seem like the only option for art gallery dates, but there are some creative galleries in Jersey, as well. Art is perfect for a date because it is creative and open for interpretation. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of art, galleries will spark conversation and observation. Learning and growing together through an art gallery tour is a creative date idea to try for yourself.

Have you ever taken a date to Central Jersey? If you haven’t, now is a great time to start. There are so many things to do in Central Jersey such as explore nature destinations, visit educational museums and observe the scenic locations that are beautiful enough to visit again for a second date.

There are some great museums and galleries in Central Jersey such as the Rutgers Geology Museum, which has has offers fascinating galleries on the past and present, the Museum of the American, Sperry Observatory, or even the Cornelius Low House. These museums are all perfect date destinations.

Another ideal option would be to visit a planetarium. Planetariums are great for dates who enjoy astrology. A visit to a planetarium might even spark flirtatious discussion about star signs. Learning something new opens up more discussion and conversations about history and other occurrences. This is a sure-fire way to stimulate interesting conversations that go beyond generic date topics.


  • Exploring New Areas


Think about the places in Jersey that your partner has never been to and try to plan a date to these locations. Even if it’s a simple restaurant with amazing atmosphere, she will love that you showed her something new that is within reach. Dates are a great way to make memories and create a story with someone. Thoughtfulness will pay off!


  • Getting in Touch with Nature


Taking a date on a hike, to a beach, or to a garden is a romantic and refreshing date idea. Consider packing a picnic and some champagne to really impress her! There are quite a few beautiful locations in Jersey to explore. Some include Colonial Park, Cape May Point State Park, and Island Beach State Park.

Nature dates are fun, casual, and inexpensive. Another way to be around nature is to visit a public garden such as Rutgers Gardens. Rutgers Gardens is a beautiful botanical garden that is bound to be a fantastic date spot. Gardens are romantic and great for walking and conversing.

Even if you are more into diluted nature, there are some amazing wineries in Jersey great for romantic evenings. Ladies love a chance to get dressed up in a sundress or even a burgundy maxi dress. Shopping for the perfect date outfit is easier in 2018, with the convenience of shopping online. Girls don’t have to run out the last second and shop in stores for the perfect outfit. There are many e-commerce websites with more options than one could ever ask for.

Another great outdoor date idea is biking, and there are a ton of bike sharing services in the NJ/NY area. Rent a bike at sunset and go on a leisurely biking route. Biking is a wonderful activity and there are bike share stations all around, which makes the logistical part of planning the date much easier. Find a café by a bike station to end your bike ride in case you want to continue the date with a meal or a drink.


  • What Would Younger You Want to Do?  


This is a great thing to ask when you are planning a date. Something might seem trivial and childish, but playful and funny dates are always a blast. Laser Tag might seem like an activity for ten year olds, but imagine how much fun it would be to play the game with someone you are getting to know!

Sparking some friendly competition on a date is another great way to have fun. Bowling may seem nerdy, but it gives you something to do and a reason to be playfully competitive. On the flip side of things, if the date is going poorly, you can end it right after the game. Dates of this nature have an easy out if you want to ditch. If, on the other hand, the date is going well, you can continue by grabbing a drink at the bowling alley bar and laughing about the ridiculousness of bowling shoes.

Regardless of your date decisions, there are some amazing places in New Jersey that are worth exploring with your significant other or on a first date.