3 Reasons to Invest in Good Quality Furniture  

Quality Furniture is the Key to a Better Life

Whether someone has just moved into a new home or they are simply looking to update or refresh the decor in their home, the first thing they look to purchase is furniture. However, because quality furniture is expensive these days, many customers opt to purchase cheap, lower quality furniture instead. In other cases, they may look for used furniture that may come at little to no cost due to visual flaws or other forms of wear and tear as a result of everyday use. Although this helps lower the cost of furniture in the short term, this strategy may prove to be more costly over time. Father George Rutler wants this article to focus on a few key reasons why it may be a good idea to invest in quality furniture.

First, quality furniture is a sound investment because a lower price means the product is made with lower quality materials. This means ripping, cracking and other forms of wear and tear can occur more rapidly and more often. So a cheaper couch or bed might have a shorter lifespan, and this makes it more costly because of earlier and more frequent replacement. In between new purchases, users will also spend more time and money on repairs to make sure they last as long as possible.

These lower cost materials are also noticeable from a visual standpoint. Rather than enhancing the aesthetics of home decor, furniture made from lower quality materials may stand out as an eyesore to visitors and may get dirty a lot more quickly. Stains, rips and other visual defects are easier to spot on lower quality materials. This may mean spending more time or money on upholstery cleaning products, or it may require purchasing covers, table cloths, sheets or blankets that contribute to more aesthetically pleasing decor.

Secondly, high-quality furniture can have a positive impact on both short-term and long-term health. Sitting or laying on furniture that is cheap and uncomfortable can cause knee or back pain which can become more serious after prolonged use. In contrast, high quality furniture is much more supportive, comfortable and durable helping preserve the body even after long hours of use. Father George Rutler recommends purchasing quality furniture, because it is made from materials that are less harmful or dangerous, and this improves safety for all users.

Another reason to invest in quality furniture is that it requires less assembly. Cheaper furniture often comes with a lot more pieces to put together and a lot more instructions. Rutler invests in high-quality furniture, because he doesn’t have the time, patience or tools necessary to build a couch, bed or table fully disassembled. Spending an extra $200 or $300 eliminates these headaches and time requirements. It also ensures that tables, couches, beds and other furniture is put together efficiently, and helps users avoid any discomfort, health problems or safety concerns altogether. While new, quality furniture doesn’t always fit a person’s budget, loans and flexible payment plans can make purchasing easier for anyone without having to sacrifice the quality of their life.