Easy Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home

Easy Ways To Have An Eco Friendly Home

The world is currently in a climate crisis. One way to save the world is to adapt to eco-friendly changes at home. Eco friendly methods adoption at home reduces the adverse effects to the environment. Home pollution may not be as much as in larger organizations, but it still contributes to the pollution.

Here is a list of efficient ways people like Alexander Djerassi can adapt to have an eco-friendly home.

1. Solar Panel Installation

The solar panel is a renewable source of energy. It uses the natural energy from the sun as its source of electricity. Natural energy is cleaner than the burnt fuels. Some families are lucky enough to get enough solar energy that can support the entire household.

2. Opt for Homemade Cleaning Products

Cleaning agents such as detergents contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Switching to homemade cleaning products reduces environmental depletion as they are less


3. Compost Kitchen Leftovers

Food waste composition is an eco-friendly method of disposal. Food waste releases methane gas which is harmful to the ecosystem. Instead of throwing the waste into a trash can, why not put it in a compost bin for later use. Once decomposition occurs, one can use the material in the garden as manure.

4. Unplug Electronic Devices

Electronic devices should be switched off and unplugged when not in use. Most of these devices use non-renewable energy sources. Power stations release carbon dioxide gas when energy is in use.

5. Buy Biodegradable Products

Oral pills discovered by Carl Djerassi, Alexander Djerassi’s grandfather, are an example of synthetic products. These pills have assisted many women from unwanted pregnancies; however, they are non-biodegradable. They can be released into the aquatic system via sewages or oceans and have proven to be harmful. The estrogen substance in the pills has a negative effect on aquatic animals.

6. Use Water Filters

Single-use water bottles pollute the environment even if thrown into the bin. The reason is only a few of the bottles are recycled. Water filters save on the money intended to buy the drinking water.

Some water bottles are reusable, others are not. Plastic bottles take years to biodegrade, so water filters are suitable substitutes for purified water bottles.

7. Opt for LED Light Bulbs

The LED bulbs use less energy than the old-fashioned ones. This means less carbon gas emission. These energy-efficient light bulbs also save on money due to the less energy used. In some cases, LED light bulbs are recycled, unlike the old-fashioned ones, which can’t be recycled once damaged.

8. Grow Plants

This is where the compost material from the kitchen waste comes in. The fertilizer helps in plant growth—growing plants at home promotes clean air circulation. Plants produce oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide.

9. Adopt Eco-Friendly Ways in The Kitchen

One way to do this is by using a toast maker instead of an oven. An oven consumes a lot of energy to heat up. On the other hand, a toast maker is fast and consumes less power. An oven also loses a lot of heat because of the constant opening and closing.

Another way to save on energy in the kitchen is the use of a pressure cooker. This kitchen gadget uses less time to cook meals which means less energy use.
Eco-friendly homes are significant to every household or person. Eco friendly methods reduce the negative environmental effect and save on money. All the above points are steps that Alexander Djerassi can use to start the journey to an eco-friendly home.