Wow! These Are Some Odd Toilets Around The World

1. High tech Japanese toilet

You would need a degree in computer science to be able to use it. Featuring things like heating, massage and water jets. It comes with its own control panel and if need be you can use it to fly to the moon.
Japanese toilet

The Arabic squat toilet

This is for expert squatters only, and comes with no toilet paper, just a hose pipe to wash the private parts. Make sure you clean the area for the next sorry soul…

arabic toilet


3. The crap battle toilet from Cape Breton

Don’t ask us the purpose of this washroom, but I think crap battles are on the cards.




4. The gold plated toilets for the million dollar backside

At the opposite end of the scale we have some gold plated thrones for some discerningĀ derriere.



5. German not so private washrooms


6. Transparent toilet cool…but why?




7. A two way mirror toilet…




8. The urilift

A public toilet, that only appears out of the ground at night, to prevent public urination problems in Victoria B.C



9. A self cleaning toilet that…

Transforms itself into a urinal.



10. The eco-toilet

Using fancy purification filters, this standing urinal enables plants to flourish for what purpose, we are not entirely sure.

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