Why the 1TB announcement is good news for PS4 gamers

The launch of the PlayStation 4 has proven to be a game-changer for Sony in their battle for market supremacy in the duopoly with Microsoft and their Xbox One console. Sales records have proven that Sony have gained control through their current generation console that brings gamers closer to the action through the very latest high definition graphics, animation capturing technology and processing speeds. It has enabled the PlayStation 4 to provide the ultimate gaming experience for loyal customers who are now reaping the benefits of sticking with the brand, with PS Now just one of several innovative features that gamers can utilise to enhance their entertainment habits. Despite their considerable success in recent times, Sony have remained pro-active with their decision to launch a new console that comes with a one terabyte hard-drive to not only provide gamers with numerous benefits, but also match Microsoft’s move to usurp them and tip the balance of power in their favour with the Xbox One that comes with the same capacity.

More room for games

Gamers often complain about having very little space, or not at all, on their hard-drive for new games as their backlog meant that other games that are free to download every month via PlayStation Plus cannot be accessible. Game developers also release titles that are free to download, such as the long-awaited 4 Kings Casino that provides a social multiplayer casino experience for gamers that have been crying out for a top quality game in this particular genre. Some may prefer to continue playing on Slotocash or any other online casino site that provides a wide range of games, but the prayers of PlayStation gamers may have been answered by a game that brings poker, blackjack, slots and others to their console. This, along with the free games that Sony provides and the plethora of sales deals they provide on a regular basis, can lead to even a standard 500GB hard-drive which the original PlayStation 4 console was designed to handle becoming full to the point that there is no room for other games. The release of the 1TB console is a major step in the right direction by Sony to ensure that gamers have access to all of their digital games (and others which they may choose to install onto their console via disc) without having to remember which ones are not on the hard-drive.


More breathing space

The original 500GB hard-drive was widely considered more than adequate upon its launch to cope with the huge influx of games that were in development at the time, but the continuation of providing PlayStation 4 gamers with two free games every month and regular sales offers have been accompanied by regular updates and patches. Both are provided by game developers to not only maintain the stability of game servers and add more content for gamers to enjoy, but also address any number of glitches or errors that may be affecting the gaming experience. There appears to be a worrying trend of games, particularly in the current-gen era, that are encountering several problems upon release to the extent that developers are being accused of releasing games just to meet consumer demand, even when they are far from the finished article. All of this comes together to create an ever-increasing demand on hard-drive space that can be instantly reduced by a big update; Grand Theft Auto V is a good example of a game that has featured several updates, some of which have been nearly 2GB in size, while the sheer quality and data that goes into making current generation games can create downloads ranging over 10GB. It may not sound like much, but it all builds up, particularly for gamers with considerable gaming backlogs, to the extent that 500GB simply is not enough; this is where the 1TB console provides much-needed breathing spaces for gamers to not worry about the latest updates, fixes or DLC offerings and enjoy gaming at their own free will.

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