Who and What You’ll Find on Zynn, the Short-Form Video Sharing Innovator

Are you tired of constantly flipping past cookie cutter videos from a small group of social media influencers? Are you growing bored with limited customization options, sterile algorithms, and clunky interfaces on your social media platforms? Would you like to see more diversity, authenticity, and community-based focus in your short-form video sharing platforms? If so, newly launched Zynn is the short-video sharing platform your dreams are made of!

Introduced to the United States and Canada in May of 2020, Zynn quickly became the most downloaded free app on the Google Play Store, and the Apple App Store. Unlike any other content sharing platform, Zynn’s mission is to provide diverse content, champion the community spirit by matching users with creators in fields of interest, and foster creativity by allowing creators to easily generate eye-catching videos. Through a bespoke algorithm that disseminates varied content to users, Zynn fans have the opportunity to discover unique, meaningful, and entertaining content, while creators have the opportunity to gain traction, regardless of follower count. So, who and what will you find on Zynn?

Variety Starts at the Top

As the newest release from innovative content sharing platform leader Kuaishou Technology, Zynn focuses on presenting a wide variety of content for user entertainment. Zynn’s parent company, Kuaishou Technology has mastered the art of using forward-thinking user recommendation algorithms throughout the company’s apps to create a robust user experience. With a belief that every creator’s story is important, and that diversity is a key element of life, Kuaishou has dedicated resources to become a leader in modernizing the social media experience.

Types of Videos

With a focus on providing entertainment, instruction, and inspiration for all interested viewers, Zynn’s creators generate fresh content in a plethora of fields. From beautiful snippets that highlight ancient cultural traditions, to straightforward instructions for making vegan-friendly quesadillas, Zynn’s myriad of videos reach across all categories. Showcasing important milestone moments, and the wildly relatable everyday moments in between, Zynn’s videos often highlight humor in everyday fails, champion small victories, and explore meaningful human connections that make up milestones. Bringing viewers closer together through a shared sense of understanding, these everyday-life snippets are the cornerstone of the content found on Zynn. After all, you can probably find the humor in being locked out of your apartment, the sweet surprise of finding a forgotten bill in your freshly washed jeans, and the life changing effects of watching a child take his or her first steps.

In addition to these broad life related videos, Zynn harnesses the power to connect individuals through niche subjects. From showing off super concise skills, to sharing tutorials for hyper specific items, Zynn’s variety of videos highlights niche topics, allowing interested parties to gain insight, knowledge, and entertainment through targeted videos related to those topics. From gaming videos to specific recipe tutorials, and even romantic stories, every subject can be found on Zynn.

In addition to providing users with the opportunity to learn, be engaged, and be entertained through this plethora of topics, Zynn’s diverse platform also champions creators to show off their creativity, individuality, and talent. With a robust percentage of creators posting performance videos, mastered skills, fashion and makeup profiles, and other creative measures, Zynn provides a creative outlet for all individuals, regardless of race, financial status, or any other factors. From traditional craftsmen showing their dedication to hand-made masterpieces, to rural farmers showing off their largest crops of the season, Zynn leverages the power of community to showcase creators’ achievements, talents, and proud daily moments.

Challenges and Camaraderie

Championing interaction and conversation, Zynn fosters community spirit through various challenges. Not only does participation in Zynn’s interactive challenges provide users with the opportunity to interact with other creators who share similar interests and competitive edge, it provides an activity to partake in for individuals, friends, and families. Building a following, and highlighting user-led challenges, Zynn utilizes the power of cross-platform social media advertising to draw attention to the aptly named “Zynn Challenge”, inviting users to have fun, nail those trick shots, set new records, and incite others to play.

Through Zynn’s #zynntalent incentive, creative Zynners are highlighted, spotlighting the app’s robustly talented user base. Not only does this incentive provide visibility for various users, it inspires others to follow suit, enriching the overall diversity of content available across the platform. You’ll find award-winning flutists playing classical hits to their dogs, gymnasts seamlessly flipping over elaborate obstacles in specially created courses, and DIY gurus making effective face masks from readily available refrigerator products. These talented individuals not only share their own skills, but inspire an entire generation of users to follow their own dreams, no matter what those dreams may entail. On a bigger picture spectrum, the supportive and inspirational nature of these interactions adds to Zynn’s authentic community spirit.

There’s a Home for You

Whether you’re a social media newbie, or a seasoned vet who is simply searching for a more meaningful experience, Zynn is the short-form video sharing platform for you. Welcoming in nature, and supportive of a customized user experience, you are bound to respond to Zynn’s call to be seen, be heard, and be you. With so many talented creators already sharing their skills, interests, and milestones on Zynn, the proof is in Zynn’s already tightly-knit community. Since the brand new app’s May 2020 launch, Zynn has gained a loyal following from countless individuals, and has received vastly positive feedback from innovative users who seek to be themselves, celebrate individuality, and maximize their social media experience. Who and what will you find on Zynn? The possibilities are endless!